Attila at the BioplexWe provide a comprehensive service for Research and Biotechnology flow cytometry applications providing assistance with instrument specific training, experimental design, sample preparation and instrument specific training.

Data analysis work stations and a range of software packages are also available. Instruments are maintained and operated by core facility staff to meet International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) standards, using standard operating protocols (SOPs).

We can also provide a fully supported service covering sample preparation, data acquisition and analysis and assistance with data presentation and publication.

The facility provides access to cytometers capable of analysis of up to 18 fluorescent parameters cell simultaneously or more than 100 analyates using luminex technology. We also can provide a bio-contained, high speed, 4 way cell sorting service for routine or microbiological applications. Specific expertise includes:

  • Microbiological cytometry: analysis of bacteria, yeast, phytoplankton etc.
  • Plant cytometry: analyses of plant protoplast
  • Apoptosis, proliferation and functional (e.g. Ca2+, membrane potential) assays
  • Gene reporter assay (e.g. GFP, lacZ)
  • PhosFlow: intracellular phosphor-protein assay (e.g. pSTAT, p38, MAPK)
  • DNA content: cell cycle or DNA ploidy analysis

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