We can provide advice in many areas and connect different groups through our expertise and collaborations to suit the needs of government agencies, industry, and educational and private individuals. Our hypothesis-driven approach to scientific problems enables valuable insight leading to better collaborations and outcomes. A detailed upfront project discussion and regular customer feedback are key elements of our work.
We provide quotations for a project's lifespan, covering instrument usage, data analysis, staff time, and project planning.

Our Services

Direct instrument use

We offer access to instruments in line with customers' level of expertise.


In-house or on-site training courses focus on developing competency, ensuring your staff have accessed our instruments.

Testing or consultancy services

Our staff can be contracted for consulting and testing services to provide measurement, interpretation and analysis of data

Contract research and development projects

We can carry out research for you. Your project funds the costs of research including instrument fees, consumables and salary for staff or scholarships for students.

Leveraged research and development projects

These partnerships can involve multiple collaborative partners and you benefit from our full academic and technical expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Point of Contact

Contact us via email to discuss rates and project scope anchored by the Core Facility Manager- Dr. Andrea Holme.

Core Operating Hours

Our operating hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Experienced users may also request out-of-hours use of the instruments and commercial work can be carried out after hours.

What Instruments do you have?

BD LSR Fortessa, Attune NxT with 96/384 well plate HTS system, Dual Camera Amnis ImageStream MKII with 96 well plate loader and high gain mode and AI data analysis software, BD Influx, BioPlex 200, GentleMACs Dissociator,

The laboratory also houses a biosafety cabinet, fume cupboard, Thermo Scientificâ„¢ Megafuge 16R- FACS Tubes, 96 well plates, 15 and 50 ml tubes, an Eppendorf tube centrifuge, a magnetic plate holder, a shaker, an inverted phase-contrast microscope and dedicated tissue culture suites for mammalian and microbial culturing.  

Data Analysis software: a range of commercial and open-source software.

Internal SharePoint-Knowledge Portal: Navigate to SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and go to Iain Fraser Cytometry Resources

Note: Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting (FACS): The cell sorter is core staff-operated only. All experiments must be discussed and scheduled with IFCC staff in advance. For Registered users submit a short request here.

What Services do you offer?

Access to the IFCC facility is provided to University of Aberdeen and external academics, as well as business and industry commercial scientists. Instrument self-usage or contract work is supported.

Booking and project management are provided through the iLab booking system.

The Facility operates on a recharge basis following university recharge policies.  

We are listed on the international CoreMarketplace, UK equipment.dataRMS Facilities Database and are accessible through iBioC and their funding calls. The facility's Research Resource Identifier is RRID:SCR_022315.

Can the Core process and run my samples:  If you do not want to be trained and run the instrument yourself, the expert staff can undertake the work for you with an additional hourly charge, contact us via email.

Pricing Eligibility criteria:

  • Internal Rates: Apply to Staff, Students, and Affiliates (including Adjunct, Clinical, and Honorary appointments), when the project grant funding is administered by University of Aberdeen.
  • External/Transparent Approach to Costing (TRAC) Rates: Apply when the IFCC facility access is for a project with funding administered by another organization or has been commissioned by the funder.
  • Commercial Rates: Apply to commercial and industry-based projects. VAT is applied.
What Instrument training do you have, and how do I start a request for it?
  1. Register for an iLab account - you only need to fill in the * sections.
  2. Submit a Profile Registration request through iLab (Training and Instrument Access). This will trigger training and service meetings to schedule your bespoke support. 
  3. Hands-on instrument training competency evaluation Fortessa or Attune (pdf)

Under normal circumstances, hands-on instrument training time is not shared between people-only one person can be trained per session.  New users are given access to online training resources, which will enable them to commence their training even while working remotely. 

How do I book machine time, training, or sorting?
  1. Register for an iLab account and follow the instructions.
  2. Requesting training and services will only be possible once you have an iLab account and log into the IFCC iLab site.
  3. To Book on the iLab instrument Calendar: Click, hold, drag and let go of the left-click button of the mouse, then follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. University Out-of-Hours Usage: Don't hesitate to contact IFCC staff regarding out-of-hours usage. An "Out of hours" form must be completed.
  5. Data Analysis: The computers can be booked and used remotely. The dongles do not leave the facility.

Staff Instrument-based Assistance: Select "technical assistance" when booking. At least 72 hour’s notice is preferred.  For urgent inquiries, contact us via email.

I have forgotten my password or have difficulties with iLab

iLab provides 24/7 support and if you have any issues with your account, contact iLab by e-mail.