Quantitative Imaging Flow Cytometry using “Amnis ImageStream-X MarkII”

The Amnis ImageStreamX MKII Imaging Flow Cytometer combines uniquely detailed microscopic imaging of individual cells with the speed, sensitivity, quantification and multi-parameter phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry. The ImageStream produces multiple high resolution images of every cell directly in flow using brightfield, darkfield and multiple fluorescent markers, with a sensitivity that exceeds conventional flow cytometers.

This unique combination of the ImageStreamX MKII is designed for a wide range of applications in biological and medical research including:

  • Cell signaling
  • Nuclear translocation studies
  • Internalization of ligands,
  • Phagocytosis, pinocytosis
  • Shape change (chemokine-induced, etc)
  • Cell-Cell interactions, including immune synapse studies
  • Apoptosis and autophagy, including LC3 spot counting
  • Radiation repair, including γ -H2AX spot counting
  • Intracellular trafficking and organelle co-localization
  • Cell cycle and mitosis studies in heterogeneous populations
  • Sensitive FISH for rare events
  • Morphology-based cell classification

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Preclinical Imaging using "In Vivo MS FX Pro"

Preclinical ImagingOne system Powerful Multispectral In vivo Imaging modality includes:

  • Fluorescence (multi-wavelength)
  • Luminescence
  • Radioisotopic and
  • X-ray imaging

MS FX PRO brings the broadest range of imaging applications - from protein blots to complex, longitudinal studies of disease states in vivo.

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Bio-contained Single Cell Isolation using Influx

  • 5 laser, 15 Fluorescence, 3 scatter, polarization and small particle detection unit
  • Multi-way sorting; up to 6 different populations simultaneously
  • High-Speed sorting into wide range of collection vehicles
  • BSL-II biosafety cabinet for biohazardous samples

Powerful high-speed single event sorter adapts to your needs for

  • Single Cell Genomics (SCG)
  • Micro-Particle Research
  • Environmental & Plant cytometry
  • Microbiology and Marine Biology

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Multi-Parameter Flow Cytometry on Single Cell Level

IFCC provides high-end Multi-Laser instruments (including YG laser) for up to 20 Parameters, for example: Intracellular Phospho Cell Signaling

  • Analyse phosphorylation at a single cell level in heterogeneous complex populations
  • Correlate multiple markers simultaneously, e.g. CD markers together with pSTAT molecules
  • Direct Analysis of rare cell types, i.e. DC or Stem Cells

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Multi-Plex Analysis

Measure multiple analytes of interest in a single run/cycle of the multiplex Assay with Luminex 200:

  • Up to 100 different analytes (e.g. cytokines) in small volume of sample (25-50)

Generates more reproducible data quickly for

  • Multiple Cell signalling molecules
  • miRNA Expression
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Clinical disease marker (e.g. CVD or RA)

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Additional Instruments for sample processing

Save time and don't wait any longer for reproducibility! IFCC is offering supportive instruments for standardizing your single cell research:

  • gentleMACS for fully automated tissue dissociation into single-cell suspension
  • Z2 Coulter Counter for automated counting and sizing your single-cell suspension

Time-saving - Reliability - Versatility!

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