lain Fraser Cytometry Training/Registration Process — New Users

lain Fraser Cytometry Training/Registration Process — New Users

Training and Registration Process

Register for an ilab account - iLab is the facility booking and service request software.

Submit the Profile Registration initiating a request and filling out the form using the following steps;

  1. Log into iLab
  2. If you have any problems accessing ilab contact in the first instance
  3. Navigate to the Services, training, access requests & quotations tab
  4. Scroll down to the Profile Registration
  5. Click Initiate request — fill this in and submit it
  6. We will then schedule a quick Teams meeting to discuss the project goals and training.

If you have any problems with this section please don't hesitate to contact

Preproject/training meeting: This will be scheduled to discuss your needs. This is mandatory.

Flow Cytometry Instrument training with the Core Staff: one on one hands-on instrument operation, experimental design, and analysis training using your samples or core-provided samples.

It normally comprises:

  • Day 1: Learning how to operate the instrument and design acquisition templates, followed by practising with beads (3hrs). Discussion on what you need to bring for the next training session regarding samples, controls and the gating strategy. Go over the iLab booking system
  • Day2: Running your sample with core staff (3hrs). Discuss any issues with the protocol or acquisition
  • Day 3: Demonstration your competency and undertaking the competency test on the machine (3hrs)
  • Day 4: FlowJo or FCS Express data analysis with core staff. (2hrs). Discuss any issues with the data and solutions that could be considered for experimental design and development Cost: charge per hr for instrument time.

Before Training:

Take the BD Online quiz: Introduction to Flow Cytometry and BD FACSDivaTM Software Basics Training

Please send the results of these to as it helps to know how well you have understood the basics.

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