Staff team

Staff team

The Epidemiology PPI staff team are responsible for coordinating group work and acting as a bridge between patients and researchers. Drawing on a variety of research interests and specialities, the team are on hand to make sure the voices of our Core PPI Group, PPI Pool and study-specific patient partners are represented within the research agenda of the group.

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Dr Elaine Wainwright

Elaine is the academic lead of the Epidemiology Patient and Public Involvement Group. Elaine joined the Epidemiology group in September 2021 as Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Health. She holds degrees from the Universities of York, Oxford and the Open University, in Health Services Research, English and Psychology respectively, and a PhD from the University of Bath. Elaine is working on a range of projects within the Epidemiology Group; she has a particular focus on the impact of living with pain on working lives and the role of safe and appropriate work as a health outcome. In her spare time, she likes baking and eating cakes.

Dr Karen Keenan

Karen joined the Epidemiology Group as a Study Coordinator in November 2015. 

During this time she has co-ordinated two MRI studies; one exploring fatigue in Lupus disease and one looking at whether NSAIDs mask inflammation on MRI in Axial Spondyloarthritis (DyNAMISM), before embarking in her current role as Study Coordinator of the British Society for Rheumatology Psoriatic Arthritis Register (BSR-PsA). Prior to joining the group Karen worked as a Research Fellow in the Health Services Research Unit and Medical Genetics Group. Karen also has experience of working in the voluntary sector where she managed a National Youth Service for young people at risk of Huntington's disease.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys hill walking and watching movies with her family.

Laura Moir

Laura Moir joined the Epidemiology group in May 2018 and works as a Study Coordinator across various studies within the Epidemiology group including PACFiND, FRESKO, RHEUMAPS, VOICES and DyNAMISM.

In her spare time Laura likes walking her dog, and because her dog likes walks in the mud in his spare time, she also likes washing her dog, a lot!

Stuart Anderson

Stuart joined the Epidemiology group as a Project Assistant in February 2018, working on the MAmMOTH project. Since then he has worked on a number of studies providing administrative support, including PACFiND, CONTAIN and FRESKO, and he is now working as a Project Coordinator on several studies involving musculoskeletal conditions and their impact on work.

He holds degrees in Law from the University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde, and in his spare time he enjoys cooking and music.