Dietary Assessment Team

Dietary Assessment Team

The University of Aberdeen Dietary Assessment Team is led by researchers with a range of expertise in human nutrition, dietetics, food composition, biomedical and epidemiological academic research who have a mutual interest and expertise in assessing dietary intake.

Meet the team

Based within the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition our team is led by Dr Leone Craig and Dr Janet Kyle in the Institute of Applied Health Sciences. We work closely with Karen Taylor and her team in the Rowett Institute’s Human Nutrition Unit.

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The team is responsible for running the Dietary Assessment Service, providing specialist dietary assessment support to assist with all stages from project planning to data collection and analysis.

We support a range of dietary assessment methods including food frequency questionnaires, diet diaries and 24hr recalls and can help you in choosing the most suitable method for your study. In addition, we have expertise and knowledge on dietary patterns methodologies.

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When preparing grant applications, you should consult us in advance and consider whether it may be appropriate to invite one or more of the team to be a grant applicant, especially if the project involves substantial input.

If one or more of us has made a substantial contribution to the project we would expect that person to be invited to be a co-author on publications. It would save time and possible embarrassment if co-authorship could be considered at the outset of any collaboration. Irrespective of whether we are a co-author or simply acknowledged, we should see and approve any papers/abstracts before submission where there has been involvement of our team.


We offer an initial 30 minute consultation with no charge. Thereafter, we are required to recover costs. Unless some prior arrangement has been negotiated, there is a charge following the initial free 30 minute consultation.

If the project involves substantial input, costs will be calculated as a percentage of FTE rather than calculated on an hourly basis.

Please contact to discuss costs of support as early as possible.

Accessing the Service

Please contact with any queries about the dietary assessment support we can offer.

SCG FFQ Service

The dietary assessment team run the Scottish Collaborative Food Frequency Questionnaire service.

We have different validated versions of the questionnaire available for children, young people, adults and older adults. The questionnaire can be completed online or administered as a paper copy.

More information on SCG-FFQ


Additional Dietary Assessment services

We can provide specialist dietary assessment support to assist with all stages from project planning to data collection and analysis.

Diet diaries

We are experienced in the use of weighed and non-weighed diet diaries for dietary assessment and have developed diaries suitable for data collection with different age groups, with detailed instructions for completion. Our non-weighed diaries contain food portion images to help with estimation of portion sizes. We can also support those who wish to use online tools for data collection.

24hr recall method

We can help support researchers who wish to use 24hr recalls in their study. We have experience of conducting 24hr multiple pass recalls and also can support researchers who wish to make use of online tools such as INTAKE24.

Development of novel tools and databases

We can help support the development and use of tailored short dietary assessment tools such as brief questionnaires.

We are experienced in developing novel food composition databases and have several which are linked to the Scottish Collaborative Food Frequency Questionnaire

We are experienced in dietary patterns analysis and development and application of dietary scores or indices to assess whole diets. Several of these are available as output from the Scottish Collaborative Food Frequency Questionnaire.