Medical Innovation Fund

Medical Innovation Fund

For over 500 years, innovative researchers here at the University of Aberdeen have made medical advances which have dramatically changed and improved the lives of people around the world.

The next medical breakthrough could happen at any moment, and you could help make that breakthrough a reality. You can be an innovator, by making a donation to the Medical Innovation Fund. It’s only with your support that the University of Aberdeen can lead the way in medical research and education.

Important advances in medical research don’t happen because of one person, but many people working together as a team. You can be part of that team by supporting medical innovation. Will you support our students and researchers by making a gift today?

Since 1497, the School of Medicine at Aberdeen (now known as the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition) has made medical advances that have dramatically changed and improved the lives of people around the world. You can read our newsletter about the latest medical research by clcking here. 

And now you can help to develop new ways to treat, prevent, and diagnose life-changing and life-threatening illnesses, by giving a gift today.

You can help to create better and more tailored treatments for cancer.  You can help patients in the North-East of Scotland and beyond get an earlier diagnosis of heart disease so it can be managed more effectively. Your kindness will help to improve care planning for patients with Alzheimer’s and create a better understanding of factors that increase the risk of dementia.

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How you can be an innovator 

By making a gift, you’ll be joining a pioneering group of University of Aberdeen researchers, students, alumni and friends who are helping to change the world through medical innovation.

£10 could pay for a blood test for a research participant in a clinical trial

£50 could buy a set of cell culture dishes to grow human cells so that disease processes can be studied

£100 could pay for two hours of clinical research into the detection and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease

£500 could help purchase access to leading-edge medical journals for the trainee doctors of tomorrow

£1,000 could help fund a PhD student whose work on Women’s Health could lead to better treatments and breakthroughs in care

Regular Gifts = Bigger Impact

When you make a regular gift, you’ll be joining over 800 alumni and friends of the University who together are making a bigger difference. Regular giving is an effective way to spread the cost of your donation throughout the year. But it also helps us to plan for the future, as your donations will be ringfenced to the cause that is most important to you. By making a regular gift you can help ensure that our researchers can look to the future and find the best treatments and diagnosis techniques for illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease. Set up a Direct Debit today, or speak to your payroll department about Payroll Giving/GAYE which makes your money go further.


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