Delivering the Difference

Supporting the Baird Family Hospital and the ANCHOR Centre

The University of Aberdeen is proud to be working in partnership with Friends of ANCHOR and the ARCHIE Foundation’s Friends of the Neonatal Unit to deliver the difference for the Baird Family Hospital and the ANCHOR Centre.  By raising funds for the University of Aberdeen’s innovative medical research, we will contribute to the success of these two outstanding new facilities. Working closely with NHS Grampian doctors, nurses and patients, we will expand and accelerate the University’s life-saving research. With your help, we will develop new ways to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer and to improve the health of women and families, now and in the future. Join us and deliver the difference for patients across the North of Scotland.

Support cancer research at the University of Aberdeen

Support women's health research at the University of Aberdeen

Construction work officially began on the two new facilities on Tuesday 18th December 2018 when the first sods were cut during two special ceremonies with Anne Smith, featured below, taking part.

To hear about STV reporter Anne Smith's story and why she is supporting the University of Aberdeen's Cancer Research Programme, watch the video below.