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The news of a cancer diagnosis is devastating. One in three of us will be affected and currently one in four die from this horrible disease. With the number of new cases predicted to rise, Aberdeen is aiming to save and improve countless lives by developing a world-class Cancer Research Programme, with the launch of a £4.5 million fundraising campaign.

Your support will help us discover better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

The University is seeking to attract the world’s brightest minds to lead pioneering cancer research. The new programme will build on, and take to the next stage, the oncology research already underway at the University in areas including breast cancer and urological cancer, as well as increasing activity in a number of other key areas such as lung and colorectal cancers. It will also enable Aberdeen to develop further as a hub for vital clinical trials and enhance understanding of the role played by diet, nutrition, early-life influences and environmental factors in the development of the disease.

We are extremely grateful to local charity Friends of ANCHOR which has committed to raise £1 million for the project to celebrate its 20th year. Now we need to build on this support and you are the key.

Professor Steve Heys, Head of the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition at the University, is spearheading these plans and says “We have internationally renowned expertise in many areas of cancer research but this will take it to a new level. The vision to establish Aberdeen as a centre for world-class cancer research will lead not only to excellent patient care but to pioneering research and high levels of participation in clinical trials which will have a global impact”.

Please give online today by clicking ‘DONATE NOW’ to help us make new discoveries and breakthroughs which will improve the lives of so many people affected by cancer. For more information contact Lisa Chilton on +44 (0) 1224 272281 or email

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At the age of 59 I decided to take part in the Run Balmoral 10K race for the first time in memory of my husband Roy whom I had lost to oesophageal cancer a few months earlier. I had never done anything like this in the past so this was a whole new venture for me.


Roy was diagnosed in January 2011 and passed away in November 2012. During that time he went through chemotherapy and radiotherapy and also took part in clinical trials. During 2012 we were attending Aberdeen Royal Infirmary anything from one to three times a week and when Roy passed away my life felt empty in so many ways. I missed Roy tremendously but strangely I missed the staff at the hospital too, I had grown quite fond of many of our regular nurses and medical professionals.


Roy was always eager to take part in any trials offered saying “if it doesn’t help me it might help someone else”, so needless to say I feel I have to carry this on by helping raise fund for cancer research through GASTROCAN.


I was talking to the girls at work about Run Balmoral saying GASTROCAN was one of the nominated charities. They spurred me on to sign up to take part and when I agreed another two decided to join in. Once I had signed up I had something to focus on which helped me through some very dark times. If I was feeling down I would just put on the trainers and walk. It soon lifted my spirits being out in the fresh air and now I feel so much fitter. I arrived for the first time feeling quite nervous but once I got going I really got into the atmosphere. The buzz I got going over that finishing line was like nothing I can put into words. I had a fantastic day and I know Roy would have been proud of my achievement, especially with the money that will continue to help other people who find themselves in the same situation he was in.

I have taken part in every Run Balmoral 10K every year since and through that, and various other fundraising events I have organised, I have raised for the University's cancer research through GASTROCAN. 

I would recommend anyone to get involved, try something new. It really helped me get through that first few months, I’m sure it can help you too.