Osteoarthritis is a progressive and disabling joint disease that accounts for two-thirds of all cases of arthritis, affecting over 8 million people in the UK. This is not just normal wear and tear but a clinically-diagnosed disease which, if left untreated, severely affects a patient's quality of life. Treatments are so limited that often major surgery is the only option.

Enhancing osteoarthritis research at the University of Aberdeen will help avoid the need for surgery by finding ways to treat the disease at the earliest opportunity, providing a brighter future for the 8 million plus sufferers in the UK.

Our ambitious, multidisciplinary research aims to revolutionise the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis at an early stage in two ways. Firstly by identifying and categorising the many different types of osteoarthritis and how to diagnose them at the earliest possible stage before irreversible tissue damage has occurred. Secondly by developing and testing treatments and therapies, such as exercise, that are specific to each type of the disease.

Your support will enable us to:

  • focus on early intervention to prevent joints from deteriorating 'beyond the point of no return'
  • investigate and categorise the different types of early osteoarthritis and work to develop bespoke treatments for each
  • usher in a new era in the treatment of osteoarthritis, providing personalised approaches and matching individuals with appropriate therapies
  • improve patient care and enhance quality of life