Dementia Research

Dementia Research

Our Research

The University of Aberdeen’s research has a strong track record of research into brain health and neurodegenerative conditions including dementia.  Our research diagnoses dementia earlier which means the treatments we are developing slow disease progression, work better and improve quality of life. It is also vital that we better understand what makes a person susceptible to developing dementia.  Excellent inter-disciplinary research has been carried out, from bench to bedside.

Our Research Strengths;

  • Experimental dementia research
  • Drug discovery
  • Brain Imaging cohort studies
  • International research recognition

Our Supporters

Long-standing dementia donors and supporters, Charlie Bain and his wife Carol, have embarked on a series of fundraising ventures since 2011, driven by an ambition to achieve a real and long-term impact on the diagnosis, care and treatment of those living with dementia, across the north-east and around the world. 

The efforts of Charlie and Carol and the generous people and organisations who have supported their events have enabled the crucial financial support for cutting-edge equipment and research at the University of Aberdeen.

Listen to Charlie's story below.

You can support Charlie and Carol's latest fundraising venture by buying a copy of this collection of homemade cakes and bakes for only £10 each, with all proceeds going towards dementia research at the University of Aberdeen.

For your copy please get in touch with Michelle at

Emeritus Professor Alison Murray and Professor Corri Black share why dementia is such a problem, what the University of Aberdeen is doing to fight the disease and how you can help, in the videos below.