Medical Education

Medical Education

Everyone needs healthcare. Everyone deserves good healthcare. However, it is not always forthcoming for a number of reasons, many of which can be addressed by effective healthcare education and training which in turn must be underpinned by good research.

The University of Aberdeen's innovative healthcare education research is foremost in the UK at identifying the causes of failures in the healthcare system and addressing them through training and education. Effective healthcare education depends wholly on rigorous education research which can enhance the capabilities of and support for our doctors and other healthcare professionals which ultimately has huge potential to make a difference to patients.

The University is committed to further enhancing our capabilities in medical education through the recruitment of more lecturers and supporting them in the development of a world-leading healthcare education research programme with the aim of:

  • carrying out world-class research to identify ways to improve medical education and training
  • influencing educational policy in the UK and beyond
  • helping to produce more excellent doctors and healthcare staff while reducing medical errors
  • ultimately ensuring better outcomes for more patients worldwide

Your support will help us provide world-class medical education in Aberdeen.