School of Geosciences

School of Geosciences

Secrets of the Cowie Foreshore

Join geologists John Howell and Jess Pugsley as they guide you through a hidden geological wonderland that includes a massive fault that cuts across Scotland.

Ra-Pict Prototyping

Our archaeologists are using rapid prototyping, photogrammetry and their phones to create 3D models

Studying at the School of Geosciences

Students from the School of Geosciences tell us more about their experience studying at the University of Aberdeen and their perspectives on life in Aberdeen.

Mission to Mars

An instrument to capture the creation of water on Mars for the first time is to go on a future Japanese mission to Mars, it has been confirmed.

Visit the Science Teaching Hub

Join student Kellie-Anne on a tour of our Science Teaching Hub. The building provides a modern teaching and laboratory space for students across a number of disciplines.

Ancient Glaciers and Climate

Prof. Matteo Spagnolo recently visited the Peruvian Andes along with Prof. Brice Rea, PhD student Lucy Ashpitel and a team of colleagues to undertake research on past glaciers and climate changes.