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Study Here

Geologists and geophysicists study the Earth’s interior, crust, oceans and atmosphere to tackle the major scientific and environmental challenges such as climate change, natural hazards, natural resources and energy transition. Our programmes reflect this broad range of challenges and also the multidisciplinary nature of earth sciences.

  • The BSc Geology programme provides you with the skills you need to explore the processes that have shaped the Earth and its surface and subsurface environments through time, equipping you with powers to address the major modern world challenges, from climate change to sustainable energy, and from water security to natural disasters.
  • The BSc Geology and Petroleum Geology examines the main geological principles that underpin our understanding of the structure and evolution of the Earth. In particular, you will learn about the origin, structure and composition of the major rock groups and learn of we date geological events and how we gather and interpret data in the field.
  • The BSc Geophysics applies a deep knowledge of geology and physics along with practical field-based skills to areas ranging from hydrocarbon exploration to plate tectonics and from environmental services to archaeological excavations.
  • The BSc Geoscience combines geology and physical geography to provides a broad multidisciplinary understanding of the major environmental challenges we face today, including climate change and the impact of humans on the environment, along with practical field skills including mapping, field geology, remote sensing and GIS.

Away from the formal curriculum, the student population in the department is active in key professional bodies. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (the world’s premier such body) and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain have a unified student chapter (association) within the department. Both run heavily-subsidized field trips, many to international locations – a chance to enhance your own field experience and meet lots of other geologists. So the student chapters offer great networking opportunities and form an essential bridge into careers. Further events in the department are organized by the Aberdeen Geological Society.

We also have an extensive network of former students and friends, many of whom are members of the Aberdeen Geological Alumni. The Alumni organization, provides support for undergraduate students through equipment donations, and offers prizes for academic performance.

There are abundant social opportunities from our annual Granite City Ball to regular outings to the city – no wonder geology degrees are seen as such great fun!

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