Welcome to the Department of Geology and Geophysics, which promotes world-class teaching and fundamental research across a range of topics in the Earth Sciences.

Geology has been taught at Aberdeen for more than 150 years, with degrees awarded since 1892. Today we are a forward-looking and vibrant department at the centre of the European Oil Capital. We undertake cutting-edge research across a range of topics, frequently in association with industry partners. Our research has a special focus on the evolution of sedimentary basins which host many of the world's significant resources, over a broad spectrum of scales and geoscientific disciplines. The strength of our faculty and our strategic linkage to industry allows us to offer a variety of highly relevant and accredited undergraduate and post graduate programmes (both taught and research orientated), together with professional development courses for industry personnel. The success of our fundamental research, coupled with research-led teaching, is clearly demonstrated by the sustained growth in both academic staff and student numbers over the past few years.

Our student numbers have effectively doubled in the past 5 years. We have revamped the curriculum and invested in new teaching to match the ambitions of our undergraduate students. We also have 70 taught Masters students and 80 research students, and have correspondingly invested in research facilities to support them. We are now the most popular geology department in Scotland. If you would like to join us, or simply want more information on our undergraduate, postgraduate, CPD or research programmes in Geology and Geophysics, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Professor Randell Stephenson
Head of Geology and Geophysics