Our research has established a series of spin-out companies to commercialise the research originating within the School:

Axeon Technologies Ltd. Axeon Technologies Ltd Axeon was founded in 1998 as a joint venture between the University and Axeon Ltd. This created a novel symbiotic relationship in which the University provides a pool of intellectual and product concepts in the fields of information technology and associated electronics while Axeon provides the product development, management, marketing skills and finance necessary to turn ideas into real products. Axeon has focussed on bringing its leading-edge, high-performance, low cost Vindax technology to as wide an audience as possible.
BlueFlow Ltd BlueFlow Ltd uses technology developed in the School of Engineering. It holds the exclusive license to patent pending technology for automated data mining, developed with PoC funding from the Scottish Executive. A software product has been developed for concurrent analysis of large amounts of financial data to identify correlations that lead to consistent profitable predictions for the financial investment field. New Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies may improve the speed of analysis and allow more exhaustive analysis of the data.
Brinker Technology Brinker Technology is a multi-award winning British company. It offers a unique combination of innovative technical solutions for pipeline integrity management to industry worldwide. The technology employs Platelets® to repair pipelines by using the fluid flow inside a pipeline to deliver specially designed Platelets® to a leak site, resembling the platets in the blood stream that seal cuts and wounds in the human body. The first commercial implementation of Platelet Technology® was in September 2004 on a subsea water injection pipeline in BP's Foinaven field, resulting in immediate impact on reservoir production.
Environmental Buidling Partnerships Ltd Environmental Buidling Partnerships Ltd. The Environmental Building Partnership Ltd (EBP) is a building engineering consultancy specialising in low energy and modular building design and construction. This uses technology developed in the School of Engineering, including low-energy buildings, breathable buildings and modular housing.