9 December 2015: In vivo biomaterial surface roughness evolution for implant related infection prediction 
Speaker: Dr Henry Tan

29 April 2015: Comprehensive Pipeline Integrity Management Systems using Bayesian Network
Speaker: Mrs Nurul Sulaiman, PhD student

04 March 2015: Guided wave long range monitoring potential against pipeline attack
Speaker: Mr El-hussein Salisu, PhD student

04 February 2015: Methodology for acquiring, exchange and application of integrity data in decision making processes for subsea asset
Speaker: Mr. Innocent Uwuijaren, PhD student

19 November 2014: Safety assessment of the cooling system for future subsea superconducting power transmission
Speaker: Mr. Renyou Zhang, PhD student

15 October 2014: Probabilistic Modelling of Deterioration in Systems using Bayesian Networks
Speaker: Mr. Jesus Luque, PhD student at the Technical University of Munich

24 September 2014: Reliability of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures
Speaker: Mr. Alexandre Morato, PhD student

13 August 2014: Damage detection in a wind turbine blade based on autoregressive coefficients
Speaker: Mr Simon Hoell, PhD student

13 August 2014: Probabilistic considerations in the deformation mechanics of ship collisions
Speaker: Mr Abayomi Obisesan, PhD student

13 November 2013: Vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring
Speaker: Mr Simon Hoell, PhD student

30 October 2013: On the Potential of Guided Wave for Pipeline Monitoring against Vandalism
Speaker: Mr El-hussein Salisu, PhD student

16 October 2013: Stochastic damage modelling of ship collisions
Speaker: Mr Abayomi Obisesan, PhD student

12 June 2013: Pipeline integrity supporting inspection decisions under aging considerations
Speaker: Mr Robbie Williamson, PhD student

01 May 2013: Nonlinear Dynamic Reliability Analysis of Profiled Blast Walls
Speaker: Mr Mohammad Hedyati, PhD student

20 March 2013: Study on the Propagation Coefficient of Elastic Pipes for Use In Impact Detection on Pipelines
Speaker: Ms Judith Okeke, PhD student

13 March 2013: Decision Making for Pipeline Maintenance using Bayesian Network Modelling
Speaker: Ms Nurul Sa'aadah Binti Sulaiman, PhD student

13 February 2013: Chemical process modelling and analysis under uncertainty
Speaker: Mr Usman Abubakar, PhD student


23 May 2012: Safety and Reliability Engineering at the University of Aberdeen
An evening event from 18:00 - 20:00 in FN2

The School of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen has been engaged in research and teaching in safety and reliability engineering since the early 1990s, following the Piper Alpha disaster and the subsequent University appointment of Michael Baker as Chair in Safety Engineering (now Emeritus Professor at the University). Building on a 20-year track record, and with support from The Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust (The LRET), the School has recently established The LRET Centre for Safety and Reliability Engineering, aimed at providing a focal point for the study of practical and theoretical problems related to the safety of engineering systems, structures and processes.

The new LRET Centre for Safety and Reliability Engineering is keen to foster links with industry. You are therefore invited to an evening event to find out more about the Centre’s activities and to give your view on key directions for future research and education in safety and reliability engineering. The event will be attended by safety specialists and practitioners from local industry, including many alumni of the University’s long-running MSc programme.

6.00 - 6.30pm Buffet reception
6.30pm Welcome
6.40 – 7.00pm “Safety & Reliability Engineering – Past and Future Challenges”, Prof Michael Baker
7.00 – 7.20pm “Overview of The LRET Centre for Safety and Reliability Engineering”, Prof Tom O’Donoghue
Open discussion: Chaired by Dr Neill Renton, Genesis Oil and Gas
8.00pm Finish