School of Engineering is committed to the achievement of excellence in our research and teaching activities.  Accidents are disruptive, they consume resources which could be put to better use, and they can hinder the achievement of our objectives as well as threaten the well-being of staff and students.  Our commitment to excellence therefore includes a commitment to the effective management of health and safety.

Our systems and procedures can always be improved and any student or member of staff who has suggestions for making our health and safety arrangements more effective is encouraged to contact the School Safety Adviser with his or her ideas.

University Policies, Guidance, and Resources

Selected topics, policies, and documents include:

An up-to-date list of University policies including those listed above can be found here.

School Safety Documents

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are fundamental to the way in which we manage health and safety. This process of systematically identifying areas of significant risk and determining what risk reduction measures are required are an integral part of all our activities.

 All activities require the completion of an activity risk assessment form.  For all activities involving the use of hazardous substances, a COSHH Risk Assessment form must also be completed.

Ongoing Research and Teaching COSHH activities in the school must have a new COSHH risk assessment in place by the end of March 2017.