The Economics Department has a well-established tradition of research in applied economics, particularly in the areas of labour economics and energy economics. There are also research interests in macroeconomics, the economics of health and wellbeing, environmental economics and experimental economics.

There are especially strong links between the Economics Department and Health Economics Research Unit, one of the leading centres in health economics in Europe.

The Department of Economics is also home to the Scottish Experimental Economics Laboratory (SEEL), the Centre for Labour Market Research (CeLMR), and the Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics and Finance (ACREEF).

Working Papers in Economics and Finance

In February 2014, the department established EPAKE: the Economics Policy and Knowledge Exchange Steering Committee. The aim of this committee is to facilitate inter- and multi- disciplinary research collaborations with other parts of the university, increase impact and generate grant income. Its primary function is as a point of contact for other parts of the university when they seek economics input, and to build research capacity. Please feel free to contact us if you are seeking Economics input to your project.

The committee at present comprises:


  • Labour economics
  • Energy economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • The economics of health and wellbeing
  • Environmental economics
  • Experimental economics

Please look at the profiles of our Economics academics for more details.

Dr Prachi Singh, Director of Research for Economics

Dr Benedikt Mihm, Postgraduate Research (PGR) Coordinator for Economics

Dr Takahiko Kiso, Postgraduate Research (PGR) Coordinator for Energy Economics

Economics Research Seminar Series

External Guest Seminars
Speaker Affiliation Topic Date

Dr Roweno Heijmans

Norwegian School of Economics

Global Policy Design


Dr Yonas Alem

University of Gothenburg

The Impact of a Major Shock on Input Use: Exploring the Mechanisms


Dr Shrathinth Venkatesh

University of Kent

The long-term benefits of addressing early year disadvantages in Bradford and the UK up to age 17


Dr Valeria Rueda

University of Nottingham

The death of King Coal: Industrial decline during childhood and living standards over lifetime


Professor Richard Neilson

UK National Decommissioning Centre

Engineering of Offshore Oil and Gas Decommissioning


Dr Akshar Saxena

Nanyang Technological University

The Administrator and the Administered: Does Gender Matter for Education?


Dr Marco Alfano

University of Lancaster

Weather shocks, migration, and in-place adaptation


Dr Cynthia Bansak

St. Lawrence University

The Gendered Impact of In-State Tuition Policies on Undocumented Immigrants’ College Enrolment, Graduation, and Employment


Dr Habtamu Beshir

University of Bath

Impacts of Low Emission Zones on Population Health: Evidence From Hospital Episode Statistics and English Prescribing Dataset


Dr Hedieh Tajali

University of Edinburgh

How do late donors respond to early donors in crowdfunding?


Dr Tong Zhu

University of Dundee

Employment Effects of Coal Mine Openings in China


Dr Andreas Gerster

University of Mannheim

Deliberate Ignorance and Moral Behavior


Dr Shashika Rathnayaka

Rowett Institute, Aberdeen

Transport and communication-Are they complements or substitutes? A Cross-country Study


Dr Ramses H. Abul Naga

University of Malaga

Measuring Indecisiveness


Professor Steven Tucker

University of Waikato

Nonspeculative Bubbles Revisited:Speculation Does Matter


Dr Marco Mello

University of Surrey

Staff Engagement, Coworkers' Complementarity and Employee Retention: Evidence from English NHS Hospitals


Dr Anna Kochanova

Cardiff University

Natural Disasters and Creative Destruction: Evidence from Indonesian Firms


Dr Nicole Andelic

University of Aberdeen (Honorary)

Performance-related pay and sorting into stress


Dr Gunes Gokmen

Lund University

Traditional Norms and Parental Investment in Human Capital


Dr Wanyu Chung

University of Birmingham

Measuring Brexit Uncertainty: A Machine Learning and Textual Analysis Approach


Professor Tim Cason

Purdue University

Gender, Beliefs and Coordination with Externalities


Dr Paul Jackson

National University of Singapore

The Underemployment Trap


Dr Jessica Pan

National University of Singapore

Automation and Gender: Implications for Occupational Segregation and the Gender Skill Gap  


Dr Tomoki Fujii

Singapore Management University

Attendance Information or Cash Transfer? A Randomized Field Experiment in Rural Bangladesh


Dr Prasenjit Banerjee

University of Manchester

Can political decentralization improve citizen welfare? Evidence clues from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment in India


Professor Israel Waichman

Bard College, Berlin

Self-Nudging vs. Social Nudging in Social Dilemmas: An Experiment


Cecilia Noboa

Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay

Nudging healthy food choices


Professor Thijs van Rens

Warwick University

How Distorted Food Prices Discourage a Healthy Diet


Professor Nick Hanley

University of Glasgow

Improving the design of Payment for Ecosystem Service schemes: some new results


Professor Shanjun Li

Cornell University

Attribute-based Subsidies for Energy Efficient Products with Market Power


Dr Silvia Salazar

Curtin University, Australia

Claim to Fame: The return of self-promotion


Professor Lindsey MacMillan

University College London

Is it all about school? Intergenerational income mobility in England and the importance of education’


Dr Hyejin Ku

University College London

Competition and Career Advancement


Professor Steve Machin

London School of Economics

Labour Market Shocks during the Covid-19 pandemic, Inequalities and Child Outcomes



Internal Seminars
Speaker Topic Date
Dr Takahiko Kiso TBC 01/05/2024
Professor Keith Bender Funded Research in Economics (Session 2) 23/04/2024
Dr Yu Aoki The intergenerational mobility of white working-class boys: Are they the most disadvantaged? 20/03/2024
Professor Keith Bender / Professor Catia Montagna / Professor Frans de Vries / Professor Ioannis Theodossiou Funded Research in Economics 13/03/2024

Dr Marco Mello

The consumption response to employment contract conversions


Dr Nikolaos Vlassis 

Pareto Improving Reforms in the Presence of Spillovers and Spillbacks


Professor Frans de Vries

Hybrid Climate Policies and Industry Transition


Dr Aatishya Mohanty

Climate Change, Disasters and Subjective Well-being


Professor Euan Phimister

Changing knowledge, preferences, and behaviour to help reduce land degradation: Evidence from multiple interventions in Southern Ethiopia


Professor Alexandros Zangelidis

Hybrid Working and Union Membership:  Does Working from Home Undermine Workplace Social Customs?”


Dr Likun Mao

Digital learning and student achievement: evidence from developed and developing countries


Professor Keith Bender

Decentralisation of bargaining and the size of the gender pay gap: Evidence from alternative wage-setting regimes in Australia


Dr Hossein Radmard

Religion and Educational Decision: Religiosity and Graduating with a STEM Degree


Dr Prachi Singh

Information Campaign on Arsenic Poisoning: Unintended Consequences in Marriage Market


Dr Takahiko Kiso

Targeting of Corrective Subsidies: A Ramsey Approach


Dr Yakubu Abdul-Salam

Economic Impact of Under-Investment in the UKCS Due to the Energy Profits Levy: A Computable General Equilibrium Model Analysis


Dr Mauro Papi

Inducing heuristics in games: A proposed experimental design