Professor Keith Bender

Professor Keith Bender

SIRE Chair in Economics

Professor Keith Bender
Professor Keith Bender

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 273411
The University of Aberdeen Edward Wright Building S49


I specialise in applied microeconomics, particularly interested in labour economics.  Early in my career I focused on the role of institutions and labour market outcomes, looking at differences between union and nonunion workers, public and private sector workers, and the subjective wellbeing of retirees and retirement behaviour.  More recently I have been looking at the interactions of health and labour economics, particularly the effect of different kinds of labour contracts on stress and the health of workers.  In addition, I have been interested in the educational and skills mismatch in the labour market, examining its incidence, causes and effects.


In addition to working at the Unversity of Aberdeen, I have held previous positions at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and the US Social Security Administration, as well as visiting positions at Louisiana State University, University of Potsdam, Giessen University and the National Institute for Labour Studies at Flinders University in Australia.


Research Interests

Labour Economics, Economics of Ageing, Subjective Well-being, Health Economics

Current Research

My current research projects investigate:

  • Employment contracts and wellbeing
  • Educational mismatch
  • Labour supply elasticities near retirement
  • Union and nonunion forms of worker voice
  • Skills shortages from the firm's point of view
  • Labour market (earnings) discrimination

Research Grants

  • 'Performance-Related Pay and Health: An Interdisciplinary Study', ESRC (please see the following website for more information:
  • 'Performance Pay and Stress: A Pilot Study', Scottish Economic Society

Teaching Responsibilities

For the 2019-20 first teaching session, I will be coordinating EC1006 (Economics of Business and Society) . In the second session, I am on research leave and will not be doing any lecturing.

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Associate Editor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations (starting Jan 2020).

Admin Responsibilities

Currently none as I am on research leave.