Centre for Bacteria in Health and Disease

Centre for Bacteria in Health and Disease

The goals of this interdisciplinary Centre are to improve our understanding of bacterial infections, elucidate the role and the importance of bacteria in our health and promote the development of innovative therapies.

Our main strengths are:

  • host-pathogen interaction
  • microbiome research
  • interdisciplinary approaches to one health
  • drug discovery
  • antibiotic stewardships

Several of our research groups and clinicians contribute to the Centre AMR Unit.

The Core Aims of the AMR Unit are:

  1. Identify new antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory naturally produced molecules from within our large collections of environmental and gut commensal bacteria.
  2. Mitigate infection through expanding the healthy microbiome and stimulating appropriate host responses.
  3. Implement antimicrobial stewardship to ensure effective use of current antimicrobials for infection prevention and control, and reduce the emergence and spread of drug resistance.

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