Aberdeen Cancer Centre

Aberdeen Cancer Centre

Our mission is to advance patient care through clinical and laboratory research and education

The University of Aberdeen has recently established a multidisciplinary cancer research programme. We are a team of scientists and clinicians who work collaboratively, delivering patient-centered research. We take a bench to bedside approach which aims to translate new laboratory findings into the clinic with the ultimate goal of directly improving patient outcomes.

Working across 4 research Institutes within the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition, and NHS Grampian, we cover various aspects of cancer research, from basic laboratory cell and molecular biology, through traditional clinical disciplines including pathology, surgery and oncology, also in areas of health services research including primary care, health psychology, data science and public health.

Our clinical and laboratory research is co-located on the same site, facilitating interaction between laboratory and clinical staff and access to human tissue via the Grampian Biorepository. Core facilities within the Institute of Medical Sciences provide access to specialised equipment supported by trained personnel to allow cutting edge cancer research using the latest technologies.

To contact the team please email: cancer@abdn.ac.uk

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