The research in our programme is from the womb to the tomb and falls in three areas: Aberdeen Centre for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Health; Developmental Biology; and Cancer Biology. Our world-class fundamental, clinical and interdisciplinary research is aimed at elucidating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underpinning life-long human health and disease. This in turn informs our translational efforts and clinical studies, involving the identification of novel biomarkers, potential therapeutic targets and the understanding of the genetics underpinning disease.

Key areas of research are: the development of the eye and visual system; limb development; genome organisation and replication; gene regulation and cell signalling. Translational research focuses on several cancer types (breast, prostate and colon) and diseases such as club foot, depression and obesity. Our research involves a range of experimental approaches including model organisms (mice, chick, zebra fish, C.elagans), cell culture and patient samples.

Members of the Molecular Medicine programme are involved in University spin-out companies (SIRAKOSS Ltd, CellProTx) and are actively translating research findings into potential new therapies. This involves working with SULSA (Assay Development Fund) and the MRC Biomedical Catalyst-DPFS funding schemes.

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