Aberdeen Cardiovascular and Diabetes Centre (ACDC)

Aberdeen Cardiovascular and Diabetes Centre (ACDC)

Existing areas of strength which underpin the Centre (launched in Nov 2018), are grouped into 3 priority areas:

Understanding risk factors:

  • Nutrition and cardiovascular/diabetes risk factors
  • Early-life and the development of the heart informing disease risk
  • Understanding the roles of blood cells in causing cardiovascular disease
  • Understanding the role of the immune system in diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Improved diagnosis:

  • Clinical and preclinical imaging of the heart and blood vessels for improved diagnosis

Developing new medication:

  • Mechanistic studies understanding how the cells in the insulin sensitive tissues (liver, muscle, fat) as well as heart and blood vessels respond to different types of drugs and environmental influences, thereby indicating new drug targets for both diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Clinical trials and epidemiological studies to understand effectiveness of new treatments in diabetes and heart disease


To contact the team please email: cancer@abdn.ac.uk

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