Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre (ABIC)

Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre (ABIC)

Aberdeen has a long and distinguished history of imaging excellence and the Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre is committed to undertaking high quality hypothesis-driven research in imaging. Our strong team of research scientists and clinical academics develop new techniques and evaluate developing technologies in order to better understand disease and to improve diagnostic imaging technologies.


Investment by the university and funding bodies has allowed us to create an impressive clinical imaging research infrastructure with state-of-the-art MRI facilities and associated expertise in imaging and data analysis. A strong scientific team has led the creation of new a new imaging technology, Fast Field-Cycling MRI, that is making a step change in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, by breaking one of its fundamental "laws" – that the applied magnetic field must be held constant during image acquisition.


The Aberdeen Biomedical Imaging Centre collaborates with a very strong community of life scientists both nationally and internationally and is a member of SINAPSE, the “Scottish Imaging Network – A Platform for Scientific Excellence”.


ABIC facilities and imaging experts are located on the Foresterhill Health Campus with clinicians being located within the acute NHS hospital, facilitating clinical imaging research and clinical trials using imaging biomarkers. Imaging researchers include clinically qualified staff, ensuring the relevance of imaging research to healthcare priorities.


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