What is the Personal Tutoring System?

The aim of the Personal Tutor system is to provide you with a member of academic staff who will be available to you for general pastoral support and guidance throughout your studies.

They will:

  • welcome you to the University and provide a first port of call to discuss any issues which arise  
  • encourage you to reflect on your progress in your studies and  guide you on where to get detailed advice regarding your studies
  • encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities available to you during your studies and outside your studies to enable you to make the most of your time at the University and be best prepared for future employment or further study  
  • guide you to more specialist support if this would help.

New students will be assigned to a tutor who matches their degree, and in some schools, their discipline.  Your Personal Tutor will welcome you to the University community and you will meet with them at key points in the year, either one-to-one or as part of a group, to discuss your experiences as a student. The Personal Tutor will continue to operate while the University is delivering a blended experience. Your meetings will take place by video calls, probably Microsoft TEAMs or Blackboard Collaborate.   

If, as a Gaelic-speaking student, you wish to have a Gaelic-speaking personal tutor, that request should be sent to infohub@abdn.ac.uk for consideration.  Priority will be given firstly to students in Gaelic Studies or Gaelic Initial Teacher Training programmes.


Your Personal Tutor will respond to your queries within three working days in term-time and one week outwith term-time (unless another timescale or alternative route to deal with queries has been advised)


Your Personal Tutor will not share information about you with a family member without your prior written consent.


Blended Learning