The aim of the Personal Tutor system is to provide you with a member of academic staff who will be available to you for general pastoral support and guidance throughout your studies.

They will:

  • welcome you to the University and provide a first port of call to discuss any issues which arise  
  • encourage you to reflect on your progress in your studies and  guide you on where to get detailed advice regarding your studies
  • encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities available to you during and outside your studies to enable you to make the most of your time at the University and be best prepared for future employment or further study  
  • guide you to more specialist support if this would help

New students will be assigned to a tutor who matches their degree, and in some schools, their discipline.  Your Personal Tutor will welcome you to the University community and you will meet with them at key points in the year, either one-to-one or as part of a group, to discuss your experiences as a student. The Personal Tutor will continue to operate while the University is delivering a blended experience. Your meetings will take place by video calls, probably Microsoft TEAMs or Blackboard Collaborate.   

If, as a Gaelic-speaking student, you wish to have a Gaelic-speaking personal tutor, that request should be sent to for consideration.  Priority will be given firstly to students in Gaelic Studies or Gaelic Initial Teacher Training programmes.

Your Personal Tutor will respond to your queries within three working days in term-time and one week outwith term-time (unless another timescale or alternative route to deal with queries has been advised)

Your Personal Tutor will not share information about you with a family member without your prior written consent.

What else does the Personal Tutor System Provide?

Your Personal Tutor will be a facilitator, providing a point of contact should you wish to speak to someone about anything at all, They will signpost personal support services and academic skills support across the University, as necessary. Within this structure, the Personal Tutor will explore some specific issues with you, and these are explored below.

  • Your Personal Tutor will provide opportunities for you to reflect on how your learning can help you to pursue your future development
  • provide a reference for a future employer or for postgraduate study
  • Your Personal Tutor will provide help to you in reviewing your feedback log and identifying general areas for development
  • Your Personal Tutor will help you to make the most of the opportunities available at the University to enable you to support your personal development and employability
  • Your Personal Tutor will help you to manage your evaluation and achievement of the Graduate Attributes
  • Your Personal Tutor will contact you to offer support if your engagement with your studies or other factors suggest that you may be in difficulty
  • Your Personal Tutor will provide, through Group Meetings, an opportunity to form part of a wider community within the University
How can I make it work best for me?

In order to gain the maximum benefit from your contact with your Personal Tutor, you should:

  • Attend and participate actively in scheduled meetings with your Personal Tutor and in group meetings. Your Personal Tutor will be concerned if they do not see or hear from you – so do keep in touch.
  • Engage fully with the meetings, so that you can get to know  your Personal Tutor - this will mean they are well placed to  provide you with a meaningful reference.
  • Your Personal Tutor may set specific tasks for these meetings (asking you, for example, how you might develop your co-curricular activities). Do not hesitate to ask your Personal Tutor if you are not sure how best to prepare for a meeting, how much time to spend on preparation, or if you have anything else you wish to raise. Remember also that the main aim of the meetings is to be in touch.  
  • Keep a record of activities and reflections on your progress, performance, and the longer-term aspirations associated with these activities (e.g. through use of the ACHIEVE website and Feedback logs).
  • Please do share with your Personal Tutor any circumstances which may be affecting your academic performance or your experience at the University. Your tutor will be able to arrange the provision of effective support. Students often wait, feel that they should just soldier on, that it is “just” a personal matter or that the Personal Tutor will not be able to help. There is, however, flexibility in the University from an academic point of view in appropriate cases and there is also significant specialist expertise within the University. Just getting in touch is the most first important step.    
  • Ensure your details are up-to-date on your Student Hub.

While we expect Personal Tutors and Tutees to put effort into building a constructive relationship, if you feel this relationship is not working, you should contact the Senior Personal Tutor in your School to discuss what might be done to resolve the situation. In cases where it is clear that there is a strong reason for changing a Personal Tutor, this can also be facilitated.

How will it work in my School?

The Personal Tutor system as discussed in these pages applies across the University.  Reflecting the different natures of the Schools and the student experiences there, however, each School has their own policies on the details of delivery. 

Some more information on suggested topics for discussion and issues you might want to explore with your tutor can be found on our Meeting Preparation page.

Senior Personal Tutors

For all queries regarding your Personal Tutor, please either email or contact the Senior Personal Tutor for your School as detailed below:

Personal Tutoring School Policies

Each School has developed a Personal Tutoring Statement identifying how the system will operate in that area.

Please select your School from the list below: