Undergraduate Peer Support

Undergraduate Peer Support

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Transition to life at university is a very exciting one, but it can also be challenging and demanding at times. Our peer to peer support programme, Students 4 Students (S4S), will help you settle into university life with advice and support from your fellow students.

Our S4S Mentors are current undergraduate students, trained for their role they are keen to share their experience and knowledge of university life, and help you find out about the range of opportunities and services available to you. 

My S4S mentor is like an older sister at the university for me.

Whatever your background or journey to university we want to help you make the most of your first year at university and enjoy your time here.



If you want to know more about the programme have a look through the information below. If you still have any questions please email us at: studentlife@abdn.ac.uk

What is an S4S mentor and how can they support me?

The S4S mentor is a welcoming fellow Undergraduate student in their 2nd – 4th year. They are here to meet, show you around, listen and share their experience and knowledge – all to help you settle into University life! 

Your mentor will understand the feelings, challenges, and practicalities of being a new student.  

Please note the S4S mentor is not a counsellor or tutor and cannot help with assessments or provide academic support. The mentor can however point you in the right direction of appropriate University support services and will know where to go or who to ask to help you find the information you need. 

Some ways your mentor can support you: 

  • Help you settle in during your first year by meeting other students, become involved in campus life and develop your own support networks 
  • Be a friendly face to help you get to know campus, and where to find what 
  • Be someone to talk to, either by email and/or to meet and chat from time to time, in a group or on your own (as appropriate) 
  • Advice on University processes and procedures e.g. exam time 
  • Give tips on tools to manage both your academic and social life 
  • Listen to any worries you may have, e.g. homesickness, loneliness, how to make friends and give their best advice based on their own experience 
  • Answer your questions as best they can, or signpost you to the most appropriate support services as needed
Who can take part?

Any 2nd, 3rd or 4th year (at the time of mentoring) undergraduate student can apply to be a mentor. 

Applicants should be interested in helping new students, be enthusiastic and encouraging and available to offer advice and support. 

We are continuously working towards creating a more inclusive environment which celebrates the diversity of our students. We encourage students of all ages and backgrounds to apply to become S4S mentors.  

Any new undergraduate student can sign up to be matched with an S4S mentor, regardless if you are a new level 1 student or articulating from college into level 2 or 3. ​

Undergraduate Go Abroad students (exchange) can also take part in the programme.

Benefits of signing up to the programme

Benefits for mentors

  • Opportunity to develop rewarding and valuable skills such as social confidence, responsibility, listening and communication skills  
  • Training to enable you to undertake your role confidently  
  • Get your role added to your Enhanced Transcript
  • Access to the TEAMs site to network with other mentors and receive regular updates and support from the S4S team  
  • Access to additional training helping you develop useful skills that will look great on your CV and enhance your employability (mentoring is highly valued by employers!) 
  • Increases your sense of belonging in the University community by taking active part 
  • Improves your own wellbeing – supporting others helps your own mental health 
  • You will be part of a mentor community that keep in touch regularly through the year 
  • You can make a positive difference to someone’s entry into University life! 

Benefits for mentees

  • You get support from a fellow student who have recently been where you are now 
  • You gain social confidence and a sense of belonging in the University community 
  • You get to make new friends and become aware of all the opportunities available for you at the University (from societies to support services) 
  • You have a personal contact for tips and all the questions you are not sure who to ask 
  • You will be better set to develop strategies for dealing with life at the University 
PGT/PGR Peer support

You can find opportunities for Postgraduate Students to meet, chat and share experiences on this page.

Other University Peer support & Mentoring schemes

AUSA Buddy Scheme
Find out more HERE.

Black Medics Scotland (BMS) 
Visit the Facebook page.
For more information please email the friendly BMS team on: bms@ausa.org.uk

The School of Psychology
Your School may have a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme, so do ask

Liberation Forums

There are 5 liberation forums on campus, the Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Forum, The Disabled Students' Forum, The LGBTQ+ Forum, The Trans Forum, and the Women and Non-Binary Forum.

These forums champion the needs and interests of the students that belong to them, campaign for change on campus, and offer support.

Useful contacts

If you have any questions related to the S4S programme please email the admin team at: studentlife@abdn.ac.uk with “S4S” in the subject line. 

Each School within the University has its own academic member of staff who has taken on the role of S4S Coordinator for their particular School. Below is a list of all of the School Coordinators:

School of Biological Sciences

S4S Coordinator - Dr Louise RossS4S logo

Business School

S4S logoS4S Coordinator - Dr Nicola Naughton

School of Divinity, History and Philosophy

Dr Alastair MacdonadS4S Coordinator - Dr Alastair Macdonald

School of Education

S4S Coordinator - Amy McfarlaneS4S logo

  • Email - amy.mcfarlane@abdn.ac.uk
  • Phone: 01224 274781
School of Engineering

Dr Henry TanS4S Coordinator - Dr Henry Tan

School of Geosciences

S4S logoS4S Coordinator - TBC

  • Email - TBC
  • Phone - TBC
School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture

Dr Syrithe PughS4S Coordinator - Dr Syrithe Pugh

School of Law

Dr Catherine NgS4S Coordinator - Dr Catherine Ng

School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

Dr M. Carmen RomanoS4S Coordinator - Dr Pietro Marini

School of Natural and Computing Sciences

Dr M. Carmen RomanoS4S Coordinator - Dr M. Carmen Romano

School of Psychology

Dr Rachel SwainsonS4S Coordinator - Dr Rachel Swainson

School of Social Science

Dr Robert WishartS4S Coordinator - Dr Robert Wishart


We encourage our students to give feedback on the programme. If you have identified opportunities for change and/or development in the programme, please provide feedback in THIS FORM.

We are always open for creative ideas and suggestions on how to best support our student community! 

Support Services

Peer mentoring is one of the many support services available to you. Find out about our other student support services.