We are here to provide pastoral care, support and advice to all members of the University community. Everyone is welcome and you do not need to have a faith to visit us. We want to share and nourish the vibrant multicultural campus that we all enjoy.

The University Multi-faith Chaplaincy supports a wide variety of society meetings, lunchtime seminars, prayer and study groups and other events.

Get involved in our activities

Bring along a coffee to the virtual café where you can connect with other students and regain some social normality during these difficult and uncertain times. Being in isolation does not mean that you are alone.

Multi-Faith Prayer Wall

Located within King's College Chapel there is a Prayer Tree, decorated with the prayers and thoughts of those who visit. 

We would like to continue this tradition by creating a space where we can all share our hopes, dreams, thanks and prayers for ourselves, our family, neighbours and the World.

This space is designated for everyone; people who follow no particular faith or those who wish to share their thoughts, prayers, hopes and expressions of thanks during these challenging days.

Thoughts & Prayers

Katharina Schmitz (Student), Scotland
May God give our bodies and minds strength and bless us with courage and hope. May we find empathy and solidarity in times of physical isolation. May we find forgiveness for struggling and failing in these tough times. May we find peace in feeling protected as children of God.

Mimi Asogwa (student), Aberdeen
Prayer requests
1. Strength, peace and humility for me especially at this lock down situation
2. Strength and grace to my friends who live alone.
3. Healing for my friends Jean, Fiona and Ann.
4, comfort for families and friends who are recently bereaved especially the family of sister Victoria Angoe.
5. Protection to all my family members abroad.

Jennifer Duthie (staff), Aberdeen
I hope that a treatment for and vaccine against Covid 19 will be discovered soon. May God assist those involved in these missions.
My prayers and thoughts are with all those who are vulnerable and alone at this time.
I give my thanks for the health and well-being of my family and friends. May we all have the grace to recognise our privilege and to help those in need as best we can.

Amudha Poobalan (staff), Aberdeen
Please pray for our friend in ICU with COVID.
Praying for my clinical friends in the front line (four of them) tested positive. Praying for God's grace for mild symptoms. Praying for God's mercy on this world, those who are lonely, anxious and suffering silently.


Online Book Club

Have you ever read 'Yes to Life in Spite of Everything' by author Viktor E. Frank? Why not join the online Chaplaincy book club hosted by The Multi-faith Chapliancy every Friday at 12pm - 1pm?

Email d.hutchison@abdn.ac.uk for more information and a link to join.

Virtual Student Café with Chaplaincy

The Multi-faith Chaplaincy are hosting a virtual student café, every Thursday at 11am, so you can socialise with other students.

Email chaplaincy@abdn.ac.uk for more information and a link to join the virtual café.

Hillhead Virtual Student Café

Are you feeling isolated within your flat and missing your friends from the other blocks? Come along to the virtual Hillhead café hosted by The Multi-faith Chapliancy every Tuesday at 7pm.

Email chaplaincy@abdn.ac.uk for more information and a link to join the virtual café.