Developing your Academic Skills

Student StudyingWhen I first came into university 3 years ago, I had the feeling that since I achieved as much as to pass all my exams and actually become a university student myself, my academic skills were great. Well, it did not take much time for me to realise that in reality development in all aspects of my life was necessary. Academic skills are necessary because in reality they are intertwined with a lot of other types of skills that you need in various aspects of your life. Once you graduate, skills such as time management, organisation and good writing will make your day-to-day life easier. For me the most important part in developing is finding out the areas you need improvement and push yourself to try out new things that are out of your comfort zone. I know that you might not to know where and how to start your development, but the university has a lot of opportunities to assist.

Last semester I joined the ELSP (English Language Support Project) as a volunteer. As a participant I speak to various new students, and we discussed about the university life and Aberdeen. This programme is an excellent opportunity to develop my speaking skills. During university you might often be called to present your work, structured and cohesive speaking will be very helpful. Being a good presenter will also enable you to have a more structured way of thinking when planning essays or during tests. Moreover, joining us, the content creators, and/or the university newspaper, The Gaudie, will also assist you in developing your writing and speaking skills. As creative writing allows you to further develop your thinking process it can be useful even if you are in a degree programme that does not require essay writing.

The university’s Student Learning Service also offers creative writing resources, workshops, and individual sessions. In my opinion, especially when your programme does not require a particular skill, it gives you an extra reason to try and develop it on your own. Having a well-rounded skillset will enhance your employability and it will be beneficial in other aspects of your life. The Student Learning Service furthermore provides more academic assistance. Including academic writing, you can find math support and assistance in studying. What I personally appreciate a lot is that you can choose whether you want to be alone or in a group. Needless to say that professional help is always better when you do not know where to start from.

Enhancing your academic skills can be achieved through multiple ways. Finding the right way for you and your needs can ensure higher success. Don’t fear trying out new things and asking for help. When trying out something, whether it is a society, going for walks or even something as simple as cleaning, make the most out of it and be active in experiencing life. Go take a look on the resources available and tell me all about it in the comments, good luck.

Information on developing your academic skills can be found on our StudyWell page, click here for more information.

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