Postgraduate Taught

January 2023

Academic Induction

Please find induction information with your Programme Key Contact.

Key Programme Contacts

PGDE Online

MSc Leadership in Professional Context

BA in Childhood Practice

MEd Inclusive Practice

MEd Pastoral Care, Guidance and Pupil Support

MEd Professional Education

Reading Lists

Reading lists for individual courses will be available through MyAberdeen before the start of term. In the meantime, you can brush up your study skills and learn more about the University at our award-winning Toolkit website.


Assessments will vary from course to course, and there will be specific details in every Course Guide at the start of term.  None of the courses will be assessed by a formal on campus exam. 


Information on current tuition fees can be found here.

Term dates/week numbers/holidays

Information on term dates/week numbers/holidays can be found here.


August 2022

PGDE Primary
Induction Booklet

Please familiarise yourself with the induction booklet which you can download here.

Meet the Team info
Cathy Francis
Programme Director and Curriculum lead
Alyson Young
Assessment Lead & Deputy Programme Director
Kirsten Darling-McQuistan
Inclusive Practice lead
Lorna Stewart

Primary recruitment co-ordinator
and School Experience Lead

Livia Tanasie
Programme administrator
Tracy Collier
Gordon Stewart
Professional Studies Leads


PGDE Secondary
Guide to Day 1

Online registration will take place in the week commencing Monday 8 August 2022, and further information about this will be communicated over the summer. Your first teaching inputs will take place on Tuesday 16 August 2022. You will have a Welcome Lecture from 0900 in the MacRobert Lecture Theatre, in the MacRobert Building. This will be followed by a day of curricular studies, and we will give you more information about your curricular studies rooms during the Welcome Lecture.


Induction Booklet

Congratulations on achieving a place on the Professional Graduate Diploma of Education (PGDE) Secondary Programme.  The University of Aberdeen, School of Education and the PGDE Secondary tutor team are delighted to welcome you and look forward to working with and supporting you during your studies.

This induction booklet will enable you to plan for your first week and the year ahead, prior to commencing your studies with us.


This timetable will give you information about the weeks during which you will have on-campus teaching, placement and holiday. Further information about the content of each week's teaching will be made available when you start the programme.

Meet the Team info

For PGDE general enquiries please email:


Programme Director Faye Hendry
School Experience Co-ordinator Alan Grieve
Assessment Co-ordinator Steph O’Reilly stephanie.o’  
Professional Studies Co-ordinator Colin Christie
Recruitment Co-ordinator Fraser Hepburn
SoE Disabilities Co-ordinator Katrina Foy 


Curricular tutors

Biology Leigh Bjorkvoll
Business Education Alan Grieve
Chemistry & Physics Fraser Hepburn
Drama Will Barlow
English David Johnston
Faye Hendry
Maths Helen Martin
Modern Languages Colin Christie
Music James O’Neill james.o’
RMPS Graeme Nixon
Social Subjects Steph O’Reilly stephanie.o’


Professional Studies tutors

Leigh Bjorkvoll
Charlaine Simpson
Colin Christie
Fraser Hepburn
Alan Grieve
Faye Hendry
Steph O’Reilly stephanie.o’



September 2022

Induction Information

The MA Education tutor team are delighted to welcome you to the University of Aberdeen and look forward to working with and supporting you during your studies.  Whether you are a new or returning student, we hope you enjoy your year of study with us during this academic session.

Academic inductions:


  • Monday, 12 September from 10am to 12pm at the MacRobert Building, room MR051


  • Friday, 16 September from 10am to 12pm at the MacRobert Building, room MR051


  • Thursday, 15 September from 10am to 12pm at the MacRobert Building, room MR051


  • Tuesday, 13 September from 10am to 12pm at the MacRobert Building, room MR051


Reading Lists

Reading lists for individual courses will be available through MyAberdeen later in the summer. In the meantime, you can engage with critical reading and writing skills  and learn more about the University at our award-winning Toolkit website.

MA1 Reading List

Blackwell’s, the University Bookshop, has worked with the department to organise a book bundle of key titles covering all the main textbooks for your 1st full year of Primary Education and beyond as some of books will used throughout your full degree. This bundle is especially made and discounted to be cheaper than anywhere else online for this course. The bundle is now available for FREE UK delivery or to pre-order for collection from the shop at the start of term.

Included in this bundle are:

  • Keep Learning to Teach in the Primary School
  • Learning Theories in Childhood

Order here. 

You have 2 different ways to order:

  • If local to the shop already you just reserve online and they will contact you by email to tell you when your bundle/books are ready for collection. 
  • If looking for free UK home delivery or want to pre-order for collection at the start of term, please contact the shop by email ( with a delivery address (if applicable) & daytime telephone number and they will organise payment over the phone.  This bundle is not available for sale online and is exclusive to Blackwells Aberdeen.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the shop by email and they will be more than happy to help. They are currently open Monday to Friday 12 - 4 PM, but from early August they will be returning to normal term hours of 9 - 5 PM Monday to Friday.


Assessments may include essays, presentations, online exercises, and timed assessments online. This will vary from course to course, and there will be specific details in every course guide at the start of term.

Practicals, fieldwork and placements

If your course includes  practical sessions, we will aim to provide these, subject to safety constraints, or create online alternatives. If your course includes a placement, we will follow national guidance and health and safety requirements from the General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS).

Elective Options
First Course
ED1080  Body Mind and Nature: Learning Outdoors Foundations
EF1005 Doric Language and Culture
ED101E Teaching Primary Science Through Fiction
CO101A (First Half Session) Counselling Skills 
CO151A (second half session) Counselling Skills 
CO201A (first half session-Level 2) Counselling Skills 
CO251A (second half session-Level 2) Counselling Skills 


Postgraduate Research

As well as being a Postgraduate Research Student in the School of Education you are also part of a wider PGR community through the Postgraduate Research School

Key School Contacts

Dr Elizabeth Curtis
PGR Co-ordinator

Dr David Johnston
PGR Co-ordinator

Administrator for Research


We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus to start your research journey with us. As a Postgraduate Research student you will have the opportunity to attend a University wide induction in addition to your school induction.

The University of Aberdeen Orientation programme has been designed to take you through all of the essential information you will need for your student life. You can get started now by working through the interactive modules.

There are a series of modules that you can work through before you arrive. Once you have registered you can access the remaining modules and complete your mandatory training programme through your bespoke PGR training platform on our virtual learning environment.

There will be a school welcome event for Postgraduate Research students. This will provide an opportunity to meet Postgraduate coordinators and PhD supervisors. There will also be time to answer any questions you may have. Further details regarding the welcome event will follow in due course.

Audit Masters courses

As a PGR student you may have the opportunity to audit Master‘s courses to augment your research training. Please discuss this with your supervisor and check out the postgraduate taught pages above.

The PGR School also offers a comprehensive training programme to support your research journey.

Timelines and Milestones

The PGR School training and development programme offers academic, professional, and personal development through a number of training workshops, resources and opportunities, all intended to support the PGR community at the University of Aberdeen.

Find out more here.