The Rector of the University of Aberdeen is an ancient post with a rich tradition and the role has been held by many esteemed people throughout the years, including Winston Churchill, Andrew Carnegie, Herbert Henry Asquith and Clarissa Dickson Wright. Our most recent Rector was Maggie Chapman, and was in the role from 2014 - 2021. We currently have no Rector in post and will commence the Rector elections in September.  

The Rector's main role is to represent and support the students of the University and they do this independently of both the Student's Association and the Administration, meaning they have a direct relationship with the students. The Rector is also a (ex officio) member of the University Court, which is where all the major decisions are made. The Court meets 7 times per academic year and the Rector would be expected to attend all of these. The Rector also holds surgeries to hear about concerns and issues the student body may have and spearheads wider campaigns, both within the University and nationally, to make sure that student life at Aberdeen continues to meet the needs for all students.