Interns into Employment

Interns into Employment

The DFN Project SEARCH University of Aberdeen team is delighted to introduce ‘Interns into Employment’ to you as a prospective employer of one of our talented and inspirational Project SEARCH University of Aberdeen Interns.

Our Interns have undertaken an exciting journey within the University during their time with us and they can benefit your organisation as valued employees in so many ways. Sometimes, employing young people, particularly those with a disability, may seem daunting to you.

However, by producing this guide, we hope that we can dispel some of the myths and overcome some of the obstacles facing our Interns in achieving meaningful employment that will enable them to make a contribution to our society and local area. We also hope that it encourages you to recruit an Intern who will be a loyal, skilled and dedicated employee within your organisation.

The DFN Project SEARCH University of Aberdeen team has engaged with local organisations and individuals to identify key areas of skill shortages and recruitment/retention difficulties and have tailored our curriculum and development programmes accordingly.

Therefore, we hope that we are able to offer you a sustainable pool of talent from which to draw your future employees to support the continuing success of your business.

We hope that this toolkit provides you with the additional guidance and support you need to encourage you to welcome our Interns as valued members of your team.

The DFN Project SEARCH University of Aberdeen Team