Further Involvement

Further Involvement

Project SEARCH utilises the skills and experience of professionals from local industries and organisations to assist in the development and delivery of the programme. Opportunities for individuals and representatives of local organisations to become involved in the programme include:

  • Mentoring Mentors provide Interns with peer support, including advice on recruitment and job searching, dealing with issues which arise in the workplace etc. Mentoring relationships are established on a 1:1 basis to ensure that each Intern receives access to dedicated advice and guidance throughout the year via regular contact, either by email or in person.
  • Curriculum Development Local employers and professionals in various disciplines are invited to deliver a talk, workshop or training seminar to interns as part of their curriculum to better prepare them for the world of work.
  • Business Advisory Service Through the establishment of regular ‘Meet the Interns’ events, representatives from local organisations are invited to provide a valuable insight into local recruitment markets which could be targeted as part of an employment search. In particular, these events are used as a forum in which to identify acute areas of skill shortages, within the local area, that can be incorporated into the curriculum and range of Internships wherever possible.

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While at work, Interns may come across scenarios that they do not understand, for example, work place humour, or unwritten work place rules. The Project SEARCH team will also be available to support you in developing ad-hoc training in response to any issues or scenarios that arise in the workplace.

Understanding the hard work of the Project Search Team and the exceptionally valuable support they provide to their interns has been a humbling experience for members of the HR team. The appointment of Euan, our Project Search Intern has brought a whole new level of positivity to HR. Pulling together as a team and providing support to Euan to allow him to establish himself in his important role within the team has been a valuable exercise. We are really reaping the benefits from having Euan on board."

Debbie Dyker
(Director of Human Resources, The University of Aberdeen)