Postgraduate Taught

Postgraduate Taught

Pastoral support and guidance is provided for taught postgraduate students in their School. 


Each School provides this in different ways. The School will contact their students and explain the support provided. The pastoral support and guidance will help the students settle in to the University and to take advantage of the opportunities available to them in their studies and more widely in the University. Details can also be provided of more specialist support if this would be helpful. 


Principles for the Delivery of Education for 2022/23


These resources prepared for supporting UG students will also be useful in supporting PGT students:

Resources and other forms of support

Concerned about a student


The information below provides some initial guidance as to the PGT pastoral and guidance support leads across the University:


Postgraduate Taught Pastoral Leads


Pastoral support and guidance is provided for taught postgraduate students through your School.

Your PGT pastoral support lead is a member of staff who can guide you with any problem that is affecting your experience at University. Whether it’s a personal matter or related to your course, talk to your pastoral support lead for advice and they’ll refer you to our wider support services if necessary. 

Pastoral Support is still available to students studying remotely, with meetings taking place online.

Find out who to contact in your school in the tabs below.

Biological Sciences
  • Your Programme Coordinator
Business School
Divinity, History, Philosophy & Art
  • Your Programme Coordinator
  • Your Programme Coordinator or Deputy Programme Coordinator
  • Programme Director
Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture
  • Your Programme Coordinator
Medicine, Medical Sciences and Dentistry
  • Your Programme Coordinator
Natural and Computing Science
  • Your Programme Coordinator
Social Science
  • Your Programme Coordinator