Most students will get through their University experience, without requiring any additional support or assistance. However, some students will encounter personal difficulties which impact upon their ability to engage with their studies or complete elements of their course on time. Depending on the nature of the difficulties, this impact might be short-lived or might exist for most, or all, of the duration of their course.

The University offers support to students who are experiencing personal difficulties through a number of routes:

  • The Student Advice and Support Office is part of Student Support Services and includes Student Support Advisers who are willing to see any student about any matter. Although students are encouraged to make appointments wherever possible, a student in distress will always be seen as soon as an Adviser becomes available. Our office is located on the second floor of the Students' Union Building.
  • The University Counselling Service is also part of Student Support Services and is based at 5 Dunbar Street. Counselling is a process which offers someone the opportunity to explore any issues which are causing them concern or distress with a professional counsellor. The service is completely confidential and students should be provided with the contact details to enable them to make their own appointment.
  • The University Chaplaincy team provides support to all members of the University Community, including those of all faiths and those who have none. They are also happy to visit students who are in hospital. The Chaplaincy Centre, at 25 High St, is a good place for students to meet other students or to find out about other Chaplaincy activities.
  • Students living in University Halls of Residence can be reminded of the existence of Student Residents Assistants, who they can talk to out of hours.