Details of the annual course rollover process can be found below.

What is the MyAberdeen Rollover process?

The rollover involves creating new versions of course (or Programme) areas by copying content (including quizzes/tests) from last year's version of your course. No student data, group or grades will be copied across. If a new course for the coming session is approved by the SENAS process then a course area will be created in MyAberdeen based on the appropriate School/discipline template.

Rolled over courses (or Programme areas) will be set as unavailable to students by default. This is to give you time to work on updating your course and decide when students will be able to see it.

When will the Rollover start?

The rollover for theupcomming session will take place during June and July.

How will I know when my course has been rolled over?

Course coordinators will be notified via email. 

After receiving the email you will find your courses listed under the 2018-2019 tab on MyAberdeen.  If your course is missing please email the eLearning team. 

After 6th of August 2018, MyAberdeen will be updated to the Ultra Experience and these courses will be listed under the term to which they belong.

What do I need to do to update my course?

Please refer to the quick guide on updating your course area.

How do I make my course available to students?

Students will only be able to view your course once you have made it available and once they have been registered for it in Student Records.

To make your course available, click on the Padlock icon next to the Editing On/Off icon (top right).  Here you will also find a student preview icon which can be useful to check your material first.

Padlock icon (top right)

What will happen to the current Academic Year's course areas?

When the current academic year comes to an end, these courses will form part of past courses that are available to you.

When will the course/Programme areas be archived?

All undergraduate course/Programme areas for the current year will be archived after 1 August.