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Explore Research

Research Portal

The University of Aberdeen public Research Portal lists all public outputs, as entered in Pure, and links to the Aberdeen University Research Archive (AURA) where all open access full text publications are available to read.

The research portal currently displays individual researcher information (Profiles), School, discipline and research group information (Disciplines), publications (Research Output), Research Facilities, Datasets, Impacts, Activities, Press/ Media, and Prizes. We continue to work to improve the content available and are working to display information on awarded grants in the near future.

Both the Portal and the Staff Pages publications section draw information from Pure. To keep your information up to date please make sure you notify paperaccepted of all new publications, and enter all relevant content into Pure.

The research portal offers a few visual and graphical representations at University level and individual level. You can edit the appearance of your public profile page by changing the settings within Pure. Visit our Pure pages for more information on how to edit these settings in Pure.