Pure is linked to several University systems, including Student Records, applications and grants database, and Human Resources.

Where content in Pure is synchronised from other systems it cannot be edited in Pure. The sections below outline what data is captured by Pure from other University systems and how you can contact the relevant sections to request updates to synchronised data.

Human Resources Data

HR data such as your name, your current job title, HESA id, and your employment details are synchronised into Pure every evening. Updates in the HR system will be reflected in Pure after 24 hours. Some changes, e.g. a name change, will overwrite the existing data in Pure, other changes, e.g. changes to employment information will create a new record in Pure. Data that is currently synchronised from HR cannot be amended in Pure; if any of your current details are not correct you should contact your HR partner to request a correction.  If any of your previous details e.g. a former employment record, is not correct please contact the Pure team to request an update to Pure.

Student Records

Supervision data and Postgraduate Student information are synchronised from Student Records. This data is not editable in Pure and any changes to this should be made in the student records system which will then synchronise with Pure overnight

Applications, Awards and Projects

Applications, Awards, and Projects are synchronised from the Grants and Contracts Database. There are limited amendments that can be made to these records, any issues with this data should be flagged to the relevant grants administrator in Research Financial Services.

If a researcher has been awarded internal funding or funding that is not processed through the grants and contracts database this can be recorded in Pure. Please contact the Pure team for further advice and guidance.