Sociology at Aberdeen is widely recognised as one of the leading departments in the UK in terms of both its research and teaching quality.

Sociology is the study of people and societies, with particular emphasis on modern urban settings. The subject overlaps with other related disciplines such as politics, international relations, anthropology, economics, history, human geography and psychology. This broad focus is also reflected in the research interests of Aberdeen Sociology staff who specialise in areas as diverse as:

  • Global conflict and peace studies;
  • Religion and secularisation;
  • Global political economy;
  • Identities and well-being;
  • The relationship between humans and other animals.

Despite the fact that we are located in the North of Scotland our staff retain a particularly international outlook, engaging with some of the most important issues and question confronting contemporary societies at a global as well as local level. All of the latter is also reflected in our research lead teaching model, where our students are introduced to the various theories, research methods and bodies of knowledge that equip them to explore and understand many of the most important issues of our times.

Institute for Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research (ICTPR)

The Institute for Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary group of scholars and students to develop in-depth theoretical understandings of the concepts and practices of transitions in terms of conflict and peace. By applying these insights to both the emergence and resolution of conflict, as well as the promotion or prevention of sustainable peace, the Institute provides a unique setting for innovative research-based teaching for undergraduate and post-graduate students alike.