Current PhD Students

Current PhD Students

Current PhD Students 

Krzysztof Adamczyk Beyond Success: Exploration of the inter-generational social mobility effects on subjective wellbeing through life trajectories of the Aberdeen Children of the 1950s cohort study

Benjamis Boonyarit

Mariana Consoni A Sociomaterial Approach to the Enactment of Work/Non-Work Boundaries: A Case Study of Academics in the UK Higher Education 

Leanne Cooper  Practice vs Ideology: Veganism in the 21st Century

Graham Davidson Negotiating and Expressing the Sacred: A comparison of Christian and secular university societies

Chelsey Drew Exploring modern day domestic abuse and the emergence of technology in cases of domestic abuse towards women in Scotland

Rebecca Ebenezer-Abiola Land, Identity and Climate change: Understanding the peacebuilding efforts to address complex farmer-herder conflict in Nigeria

Viktoria Eriksson  Gendered Identities: Exploring Scottish constitutional preferences

Helena Fisher Impacts of the 2009 European Debt Crisis on the Greek Middle Class

Duygu Hardman Media Tourism and the National Trust for Scotland: Towards a model for sustainable tourism development

Katherine Hoomlong Humanitarian Assistance and its Implications on Women’s agency: A Study of the Northeast of Nigeria

Umur Kosal  An historical analysis of a sacred place: The politics of the Western Wall of Jerusalem during the British administration of the mandate for Palestine (1920-1930)

Daniel Matthews-Ferrero

Maren Mitchell How does the impact of economic transitions affect social cohesion, stability and political preferences? A case-study of Aberdeen and the sociological impact of the declining oil industry

Robert Nartowski

Nadia Ncube Women’s Business: Matabele narratives of (pre)menstrual, (pre)marital and (post)maternal body work

Hio Tong Pand Older people and intergenerational communication

Moon Moon Sultana Is Digitalization Augmenting Empowerment for Bangladeshi Women?: Perspectives from the Female Bloggers and Vloggers’ Experiences

Dominyka Tam 

Shailini Vinod That Shade of Brown’: A Sociological and Socio-literary Exploration of Migrant Representations in Literature and Concepts of ‘Britishness

Lorna Watson  Change and Continuity in a Coastal Habitus


Former PhD Students

  • Najla Alakri, Religion and Women's Agency in the Middle East: The Case of Bahraini Women (2023)
  • Ruben Schneider, Divergent Narratives: Conservation Interventions in Namibia (2022)
  • Stephanie Garrison Outlander fandom and networked fans in the digital era (2021)
  • Simone Haarbosch Found & lost transnational identities : a comparative qualitative study of transnational Dutch citizens living in Scotland and British citizens living in the Netherlands before and after the Brexit Referendum (2021)
  • Tracey Forbes, Rurally Situated Women in the Field of Home-Based Business: A Bourdieusian Analysis of Contemporary Working Practice in the UK (2020)
  • Sheila Lawrence, Socio-economic and Demographic change in rural Aberdeenshire: As experienced by the elderly residents in two small towns (2019)
  • Nick Adams, A case for multiple dominant cultures of masculinity : exploring the link between oilmen's masculinities, and safety and risk-taking practices on a remote North Sea oilfield drilling platform (2019)
  • Paul Fleetwood, Building Brands in Binary: The Role of Technology in the Production and Dissemination of Contemporary Advertising, (2019)
  • Senna Middelveld, Sheep Scab in Scotland: An Exploration of Multiple Disease Situations, (2019)
  • Emanuela Buscemi, Reforming Narratives: Kuwaiti Women’s Cultural Engagement and Political Subjectivity in the Post-Arab Spring, (2018)
  • Laurie Lee Robertson, Enacting Change with Renewable Energy: A Situational Analysis of Udny's Community Turbine and Trust: Towards an Ecological Sociology (2018)
  • Dave McBey, The Alpha Course: A case study in belief and belonging (2017)
  • Danilo Giglitto, Using Wikis for Intangible Cultural Heritage in Scotland: Suitability and Empowerment, (2017)
  • Jeremy Watt, Ageing and the Continuity of Masculine Identity in a Scottish Men's Shed: An Ethnographic Enquiry, (2017)
  • Tanita Maxwell, More than just money?: A Sociological Analysis of the Relationships between Feminist Organisations and Violence Against Women and Girls State Funders in Scotland, (2016)
  • Peter Moore, Photography and rephotography: repetition and places in time (2016)  
  • Francesca Weber-Newth, The Game of Urban Regeneration: Culture and Community in London 2012 and Berlin's Mediaspree (2015)
  • Marek Szilvasi, Roma and the contradictions of European inclusion policies citizens associated with European societies (2015)
  • Thania Acarón Ríos, The practitioner's body of knowledge: dance/movement in training programmes that address violence, conflict and peace (2015)
  • Rachel Anderson, No place like home?: Examining family involvement in the reintegration of male former child soldiers in Sierra Leone (2014)
  • Aimee Smith, An exploration of the creation and maintenance of Catholic identity in young people in post-conflict Northern Ireland (2014)
  • Sandra Milena Rios Oyola, Religion and the social construction of memory amidst violence the case of the massacre of Bojayá (Colombia) (2014)
  • Anna-Mari Almila, Hijab as dress: Muslim women's clothing strategies in contemporary Finland (2014)
  • Clare Magill, Teaching the conflict, teaching the transition: history education and historical memory in contemporary Spain (2013)
  • David Magee, The deconstruction of violent masculinities amongst Ulster loyalists (2013)
  • Ivan Kozachenko, Eastern Slavic diasporas in the UK: the making of communities (2013)
  • Heather Morgan, In what ways do gender stereotypes inform the thoughts and actions of CCTV control room operators? (2013)
  • Nail Farkhatdinov, From decoding to enacting an ethnographic study of the social relations at exhibition sites: a contribution to the "new sociology of art" (2013)
  • Fiona MacKenzie, A sociological exploration of the field of chronic back pain accounting for back pain via processes of boundary-work (2013)
  • Abdallah Baguma, Women parliamentarians in Rwanda Women representatives or representing women? : a study of the Chamber of Deputies, the Lower House of the Rwandan Parliament (2012)
  • Kathryn Vincent, Generational Differences in Gendered Migration Patterns: Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (2012)
  • Magdalena Gilewicz, The construction of Muslim community and British Muslim identity in two British Muslim newspapers (2012)