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Name Position Discipline Research Interests
Dr Dimitrios Anagnostakis Lecturer Politics and International Relations Transatlantic relations, European Union and internal security (justice and home affairs - JHA), relations between the European Union and the United States, cybersecurity, terrorism and counterterrorism, international security.
Professor David Anderson Chair in the Anthropology of the North Anthropology Political ecology, human-animal relations, development theory, political anthropology, landscape studies, ethnohistory, archaeology, the history of science and cross-cultural ideas of health, Central and Eastern Siberia and the Russian North, Northern Norway, Northwestern Canada.
Dr Tatiana Argounova-Low Senior Lecturer and Head of Department Anthropology Ethnic identity, nationalism, post-socialist societies; oral traditions; reindeer herding communities, food and diet in reindeer herding communities; Siberia, Sakha diaspora, mobility, migration, roads.
Dr Arnar Árnason Senior Lecturer Anthropology Death, emotion, and psychotherapy and the politics thereof; subjectivities/subjection; narratives, memory and forgetting; embodiment; identity and landscape.
Professor Mervyn Bain

Personal Chair

Politics and International Relations International relations, foreign policy, asymmetry within international relations, post-Soviet legacies, economic and development issues, Cold War geopolitics, Latin America, Cuba, Russia and the Soviet Union.
Dr Philippe Beauregard Lecturer Politics and International Relations

International politics; political psychology; leadership; cooperation; security; environmental politics; emotions; personality; transatlantic security community; interventions; intrastate conflicts; qualitative methods, foreign policy analysis. 

Dr Lynn Bennie Reader Politics and International Relations Political participation, party membership and electoral behaviour; democracy and political representation; party adaptation and change; multi-level politics with focus on Scotland and UK; social movements and green politics.
Dr Tom Bentley Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Collective memory and memory studies, colonial discourse and postcolonial theory, political apologies.
Dr Margaret Bolton Lecturer Anthropology Andes region (Bolivia); science, technology and expertise; development; animal-human relations; colonialism; the state; ethnohistory.
Dr John Bone Senior Lecturer Sociology Political economy, social and biosocial theory, well-being and social media research.
Mrs Kerry Boyne PGT & Research Administrator/School Tier 4 Administrator School Administration  
Dr Sarah Burton Lecturer Sociology Landscape and wilderness; the North and borealism; death and dying; hauntings; the gothic, carnivalesque, and ghost stories.
Professor Alison Brown Personal Chair Anthropology Western Canada; museum anthropology; indigenous heritage management practices; repatriation; material culture; visual anthropology; ethnohistory; Blackfoot cultural histories; First Nations artistic practice; Scots and First Nations' fur trade narratives.
Professor Steve Bruce Chair of Sociology Sociology The changing nature and status of religion in the modern world; the political influence of religion; religion and sexual deviance; in particular the use of religion in sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.
Dr Bennett Collins Lecturer Politics and International Relations

Environmental, energy, and climate governance; Environmental and land-use ethics and  communication; Place and displacement; Social movements and activism; Transitional justice; Truth-seeking & historical dialogue processes; Critical human rights and collective rights.

Miss Costanza Concetti Research Fellow Politics and International Relations Solar Power in the UK –Planning for a Sustainable Future
Dr Natasha Danilova Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Critical military studies and Feminist IR; gender and war; politics of war memory; art, aesthetics and war; militarisation and militarism; society-military relations; veterans’ politics; heroes and heroism, identity politics in the UK; regional politics and (in)securities in Russia and other post-Soviet Eurasian states.
Ms Jill Davis School Administrator School Administration  
Dr Stuart Durkin Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Nationalism and ethnic politics, terrorism, conflict Resolution and peace and human rights education policy.
Dr Sonja Erikainen Lecturer Sociology  
Dr Luisa Gandolfo Senior Lecturer Sociology Gender; memory; memorialisation and commemoration; post-war recovery; refugees and migration; religious practices and social change; cultural resistance; Palestine; Jordan; MENA.

Mr Anthony Glendinning

Emeritus Senior Lecturer Sociology  
Prof Ian Greener Head of School, Personal Chair
Comparative health and welfare systems; health policy; historical institutionalism; history and welfare; video games.
Dr Malcolm Harvey Lecturer Politics and International Relations Scottish politics, constitutional politics, devolution and constitutional change, multi-level governance, referendums and consultations.
Professor Bernadette Hayes Emeritus Professor Sociology Gender relations; political sociology; sociology of religion; Ireland, North and South; post-conflict societies.
Dr Mohsin Hussain Research Fellow Politics and International Relations Solar Power in the UK –Planning for a Sustainable Future
Professor Tim Ingold Emeritus Professor in Social Anthropology Anthropology  
Dr James Johnson Lecturer Politics and International Relations Strategic studies; artificial intelligence and future warfare; great power strategic competition; deterrence theory and strategic stability; nuclear weapons; and nuclear non-proliferation and arms control issues.
Professor Michael Keating Emeritus Professor Politics and International Relations European politics, nationalism, public policy, urban and regional politics and society, and social science methodologies.
Dr Isabella Kasselstrand Lecturer Sociology Secularization, secularisation, nonreligion, religious indifference, religion and social trust, cultural religion, ritual participation, quantitative methods, Scotland and Scandinavia.
Dr Christopher Kollmeyer Senior Lecturer Sociology Macro-comparative sociology, political sociology, political economy, globalization, societal change, trade unionism, income inequality.
Dr Manu Lekunze Lecturer Politics and International Relations International Security; Maritime Security; US-Africa Relations; National Security in Africa; Political Economy; The Post-Colonial State; Post-Brexit UK-Africa Relations; Military Organisational Strategy; Security Governance and Policy; Social Cohesion; Complexity Science.
Mrs Janice Longhurst School Adminstration Assistant; UG PIR Sub-Honours (Level 1 & 2) School Administration  
Dr Peter Loovers Research Fellow Anthropology Arctic, collaborative research practices with Indigenous Peoples,  colonialisation and decolonisation, filmmaking, food security and food sovereignty, human-animal relations, museum and heritage, energy transition, resource extraction, social and environmental justice, United Nations Declaration on Indigenous issues.
Dr Karen Lumsden Lecturer in Sociology Sociology Autoethnography, bereavement, cyber-crime, ethnography, digital media, narratives and storytelling, online hate, policing, qualitative methods, reflexivity, social media, victims and victimization
Dr Joanne McEvoy Senior Lecturer and Head of Department Politics and International Relations Ethnic conflict, post-conflict institutional design, power-sharing, external actors and peacebuilding.
Dr Andrew McKinnon Senior Lecturer and Head of Department Sociology Global Anglicanism, conflict, metaphor, narrative and ritual); social theory (especially: classical theory, religion, rhetoric); and I maintain an active ongoing interest in historical sociology.
Dr Samantha May Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Religion and the Public Sphere, Political Islam, post-secularism, Critical Counter-terrorism, Faith-based charity, Gender and International Political Economy.
Prof Gearoid Millar Personal Chair Sociology Peace and conflict studies, peacebuilding, transitional justice, international development, international interventions in post-conflict contexts, complex interactions between global and local actors, ethnographic peace research methodologies, monitoring and evaluation of peace interventions, local experiences of post-conflict interventions, complexity theory, complex challenges to peace, climate change, interdisciplinary research, sub-Saharan Africa, Sierra Leone.
Dr Martin Mills Senior Lecturer Anthropology Tibet and Tibetan-speaking areas, Tibetan modes of protest.
Mrs Susan Mitchell School Administration Coordinator; UG PIR Honours (Level 3 & 4) School Administration  
Dr Daniel Paget Lecturer Politics and International Relations Rallies; sub-Saharan Africa; political communication; populism; nationalism; election campaigning; authoritarianism; digital politics; discourse-theoretic; Tanzania; political parties.
Dr Johan Rasanayagam Senior Lecturer Anthropology Uzbekistan and Central Asia, postsocialist societies, the anthropology of Islam, morality and subjectivity, healing practices and spirit possession, religion and the secular, anthropology of the state.
Mrs Marjory Reilly School Administration Assistant; UG Anthropology School Administration  
Dr Isabel Seidel School Administration Assistant; UG Sociology School Administration  
Dr Judith Sijstermans Lecturer Politics and International Relations

Political parties; nationalism; populism; Western Europe; Scotland; United Kingdom; European Union; transnational networks.

Professor Michael Smith Chair in International Relations Politics and International Relations International security; international cooperation/organization/institutions; conflict resolution; social/experiential learning; regional integration/governance; Europe/European Union; the international politics of science/technology.

Dr Rachel Smith 

Lecturer Anthropology

Oceania (esp. Melanesia/Vanuatu); economic anthropology; anthropology of work; labour migration; development; anthropology of religion; cognitive anthropology; agriculture and horticulture.

Dr Digdem Soyaltin Colella Lecturer Politics and International Relations

Good governance and anti-corruption policy, global governance of corruption, EU and fight against corruption, politics of corruption, mechanisms of state capture, autocratic bureaucracies, illiberal governance, Turkish politics,  Southeast European politics.

Dr Norman Stockman Emeritus Senior Lecturer Sociology  
Dr Ezel Tabur Teaching Fellow Politics and International Relations Immigration, asylum, migration and development, European Union, EU Neighbourhood Policy, EU Policymaking.
Dr Kathrin Thomas Lecturer Politics and International Relations Research methods, public opinion, survey methodology, comparative politics, elections and voting, political participation, political psychology.
Mrs Pam Thomson School Administration Manager School Administration Manager  
Dr David Toke Reader Politics and International Relations

Technology policy and politics and 100 per cent renewable energy systems; neoliberalism and the energy crisis; planning politics of onshore wind, solar farms and offshore windfarms; nuclear power policy, politics and regulation; co-operative and community renewable energy; ecological modernisation and energy.

Dr Marta Trzebiatowska Senior Lecturer Sociology Religion, nonreligion, gender and sexuality, atheism, Catholicism, Poland, migration, qualitative methods.
Dr Jo Vergunst Senior Lecturer Anthropology Scotland and Europe, landscape and phenomenology, environmental anthropology, rural histories and rural development, walking and mobilities, environmentalism, heritage, contemporary art.
Dr Ritu Vij Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Political Economy; Social Theory; International Political Theory; Precarity and Affect; Postcolonial theory; Informality and Subalternity; Aesthetics and Politics; Temporality and Politics; Global Studies: South and East Asia (India, Japan).
Dr Nancy Wachowich Senior Lecturer Anthropology Arctic anthropology, ethnohistory, oral traditions, indigenous media, museums and material culture, visual anthropology, symbolic anthropology, anthropology of colonialism.
Dr Jennifer Walklate Lecturer Anthropology Museums; Museology; Temporality; The Uncanny; The Carnivalesque; Literary Theory; Anxiety; Museum Philosophy; Museum Histories; Social Responsibility; Ethical Practice.
Professor Claire Wallace Chair in Sociology Sociology Quality of life, social and community wellbeing; national and European identity; digital communications in rural areas; cultural heritage; gender, work and welfare; the social impact of oil.
Dr Andrew Whitehouse Lecturer Anthropology Nature conservation, farming, identity, knowledge and values, ecological anthropology, continuity and change, human-animal relations, sound, landscape, Islay, Scottish Highlands, Britain.
Dr Anders Widfeldt Senior Lecturer Politics and International Relations Political parties, party organisations, Nordic politics and the European extreme right.
Dr Rhoda Wilkie Senior Lecturer Sociology Human-animal interaction.
Dr Robert Wishart Lecturer Anthropology Sub Arctic Canada: Gwich'in, Ojibwe, Scottish Fur Traders; oral history, identity, colonial wildlife management regimes, continuities in hunting traditions, ethnohistory, landscape.
Mr James Wyllie Emeritus Professor Politics and International Relations Strategic theory; British foreign and defence policies; European security issues; Middle East security issues.
Dr Ilia Xypolia Lecturer Politics and International Relations Middle Eastern Politics and History; Imperialism, Nationalism, Eurocentrism, Orientalism; Global Politics of Human Rights; The politics of numbers and global benchmarking.