Boost your Employability

Working Together: EED3536 Group Photomployability for Arts & Social Sciences ED3536 is a third year, 30-credit course, which is a collaboration between the School of Social Science, the Centre for Academic Development, Careers, the Scottish Institute for Enterprise and local organisations. This novel course provides the opportunity for you to work in small groups to develop solutions for projects posed by a local business or charity.

The course involves you carrying out a group work-based project while also enhancing your employability through a range of workshops. During the course you practise key career and project management skills, most notably team work, creative thinking, negotiation and presenting. As a direct result of this course, effective links between the University and businesses have also been firmly established. If you are interested about reading the authentic learning opportunities offered by the course, please read Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Durkin's latest published case study, on page 94, in a case study compendium entitled 'Employability: Breaking the Mould' available here.

The course is co-ordinated by Dr Stuart Durkin, School of Social Science and is 100% coursework-based.

Organisations offering projects have included: Sue Ryder, Aberdeen Science Centre, AAB, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations (ACVO), DeeTours Ltd and The Gordon Highlanders Museum.

To find out more watch the short video below from a previous ED3536 student.

There are a range of employability courses available to you, these include: Learning from Work ED1521, Career Development: Find Your Direction ED2550 and Working Together: Employability for Arts & Social Sciences ED3536. To register visit MyCurriculum.

Shaun Cameron

Why did you decide to pick the ED3536 course, Working Together: Employability for Arts & Social Sciences?

I decided to study ED3536 after speaking to an older student who had recommended studying the course due to their own experiences whilst completing a project for the course. As such I was keen to develop my own project-related skills and enhance my business understanding.

What did you enjoy about the ED3536 course?

I thoroughly enjoyed various aspects of the course including the opportunity to act upon skills developed in previous lines of work to complete a project with a business. Furthermore, I was able to establish a new working relationship with a company which related to the industry which I plan to enter after my degree. The course also enabled me to develop new skills surrounding virtual working. These skills will allow me in the future to be better prepared for an online working environment.

What benefits and outcomes have occurred for you as a result of completing the ED3536 course?

As a direct result of completing the course I have secured a graduate placement position with the company I completed the course project for. The company in question is an engineering outfit who I developed a fantastic working relationship with throughout the duration of the course. Additionally, the benefits of the course include enhancement of skills such as communication, working to deadlines and teamwork.

What advice would you have for other students looking to build their employability at University?

I would advise other students to take every opportunity available to them in respect to courses such as ED3536 as things such as placements, graduate jobs and further development opportunities can come because of impressing companies who take part in courses such as this. I would also encourage students to actively look for placement opportunities during summer months to enhance employability. And I would advise attending career fairs to maximize networking opportunities.