Collective Online Exhibition

Collective Online Exhibition

Plant teXts inspired by LatinX American writers

This collective exhibition includes the artworks of students and a Teaching Fellow in the Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

This exhibition was inspired by plants depicted by Latina/o American writers in various stories and poems. The texts presented are an interpretation of the perspective of a prickly pear, an oak, an asphodel, a juniper, a yerba mansa, an aloe vera, a ceiba and a coffee. It also includes graphic designs, collages and paintings associated with these plants. These “speculative fabulations” (Haraway, 2016) aim at allowing us to imagine other possible worlds from the point of view of the plants.

These texts intend to follow “the path of conocimiento” (a Spanish word for knowledge) as cited by Gloria Anzaldúa (2015: 117-18). This knowledge is “an attempt to give back to nature” by becoming more familiar with these plants. This exhibition aims to demonstrate a collaborative way of overcoming anthropocentric views of life around us. This implied getting to know more about our human-plant interrelationship.

Welcome to our speculative forest!

Curator: Dr Lourdes “Lou” Parra Lazcano
Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies

Twitter: @Lou_Parra_