Disability support is open to all students at any level of study. It doesn't matter if support has been provided previously for a disabilities-related issue, whether need for support is a new concern, or whether you are just curious about how it works, students can contact the School's disabilities support co-ordinator at any time. The sooner particular needs are identified, the sooner support can be put in place. Students requiring support are enouraged to contact the support co-ordinator at soonest convenience.

The School's Disabilities Co-ordinator is:

Dr Roger RavetDr. Roger Ravet
Department of French and Francophone Studies
School of Language & Literature, Music and Visual Culture
University of Aberdeen
Taylor Building A14
King’s College, Aberdeen AB24 3UB
Phone number: 00 44 1224 272151     

The following documents contain information specific to the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture about how we support students with disabilities-related issues of all kinds.