Christ’s College and the Divinity Library

REF 2021

1st in the UK

Divinity at the University of Aberdeen was ranked 1st in the UK for overall quality of research

Christ’s College and the Divinity Library

Christ’s College: History and Current Activities

Christ’s College traces its origins to the 1843 founding of the Free Church College in Aberdeen. Following the union of the United Free Church and the Church of Scotland in 1929, the college, now renamed Christ’s College, acted as the pastoral training centre for students studying for Church of Scotland ministry at the University of Aberdeen. Christ’s College continues to serve this role, collaborating closely with the Department of Divinity to ensure ministry candidates receive appropriate academic training, funding a Lectureship in Practical Theology, hosting an annual lecture, supporting the work of the Centre for Ministry Studies, administering various bequests and legacies, and maintain and staffing the Divinity Library. The College employees a Master (currently Professor John Swinton), an administrator, and a librarian. If you have any questions about Christ’s College, please feel free to contact the Christ’s College Administrator.

The Divinity Library

After the sale of the Christ’s College buildings in the 1990s, its library collection was relocated to the room previously occupied by Archeology Museum in King’s College where it still is housed along with newer materials purchased at the request of students and staff. Although supported by funds historically associated with the Church of Scotland, the Divinity Library endeavours to serve all students and faculty working within the fields of Divinity and Religious Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

Library Catalogue

The Divinity Library has its own catalogue which is not linked to the wider University of Aberdeen library system. To access the catalogue you can use the search box on this page or go to the catalogue’s website for more search options. The library’s collection is exclusively physical books which can be accessed only by visiting the library.

Library FAQs

Who can access the Divinity Library?

Access to the library is restricted to students taking either Divinity or Religious Studies courses and to faculty for whom the collection might be of use.

How do I access the Divinity Library?

Email the librarian to arrange an appointment in which you will learn the code to access the library and receive a short induction to the library catalogue.

Where is the Divinity Library?

The library is on the first floor of the southwest corner of the King’s College building. The door to the corridor leading to it is on the interior west wall of the building just south of the main entrance gate. The doors to the library are at the top of the flight of stairs.

How do I check out a book at the Divinity Library?

Check out and check in of books is handled through the library’s catalogue system. The librarian can register you for an account with this system and will give you instructions on using it to check out books.

Is the Divinity Library wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, the library is located in a part of the King’s College building which is currently inaccessible to wheelchairs. However students unable to access the library’s physical space, can use the catalogue to identify materials and make arrangements with the librarian to have those materials brought to an accessible location.

How do I request that the Divinity Library purchase a book?

Although we have a limited budget, we are keen to use it to make our library as relevant as possible to current students. If you have an idea for a book that we should have please email the librarian with your suggestion.

How do I book the Divinity Library for an event?

The Divinity Library is primarily a study space and to that end we try to refrain from having it booked for regular seminars or meetings. That said, one-off events aimed at the students who use the library will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please email the Christ’s College Administrator if you wish to use the space for such an event.