Divinity Research Seminars

Divinity Research Seminars
Theological Ethics

Time: Mondays, 15:00–17:00, starting 25 Sept

Location: Humanity Manse Seminar Room (G01), MS Teams

Chair: Prof. David Clough (david.clough@abdn.ac.uk)

The subject of the seminar will be readings from the works of James H. Cone. All readings are accessible online from the University of Aberdeen library.




25 Sept

Black Theology and Black Power (1969), ch. I ‘Toward a Constructive Definition of Black Power’ (pp. 24–49)

2 Oct

A Black Theology of Liberation (1970), ch. 2 ‘The Sources and Norm of Black Theology’ (pp. 44–62)

9 Oct

A Black Theology of Liberation (1970), ch. 7 ‘Church, World, and Eschatology in Black Theology’ (pp. 152–165)

16 Oct

no meeting

23 Oct

God of the Oppressed (1975), ch. 6 ‘Who is Jesus Christ for us today?’ (pp. 122–149)

30 Oct

God of the Oppressed (1975), ch. 9 ‘Liberation and the Christian Ethic’ (pp. 202–229)

6 Nov

For My People: Black Theology and the Black Church (1981), ch. VI ‘Black Theology, Black Churches, and Black Women’ (pp. 137–154)

13 Nov

The Cross and the Lynching Tree (2011), ch. 3 ‘Bearing the Cross and Staring Down the Lynching Tree: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Struggle to Redeem the Soul of America’

20 Nov

no meeting

27 Nov

The Cross and the Lynching Tree (2011), ch. 5 ‘”Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep”

4 Dec

Guest Lecture: Prof. Luke Bretherton, Duke Divinity School, ‘Political Theology as Testimony’

Practical Theology

Time: Wednesdays, times various (see below), starting 27 Sept

Location: various (see below)

Chair: Dr Emma Percy (emma.percy@abdn.ac.uk)

Our program features a combination of online guest presentations and in-person reading discussions. The reading discussion will consider selections from The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Theology and Qualitative Research.



Time, Location


27 Sept

15:00–16:30, MS Teams

Dr Sharon Jagger, York St John University

4 Oct

14:00–15:30, Marshall Room

Reading discussion

11 Oct

15:00–16:30, MS Teams

Rev Dr Fiona Tweedie, Brendan Research and Church of Scotland

Red light, green light: combining data sources for congregational studies

18 Oct

14:00–15:30, Marshall Room

Reading discussion

25 Oct

15:00–16:30, MS Teams

Paula Duncan, University of Aberdeen

When Things Dont Go to Plan: Revising my Methodology for Safer Research.

1 Nov

14:00–15:30, Marshall Room

Reading discussion

8 Nov

15 Nov

15:00–16:30, MS Teams

(hybrid, Humanity Manse)

Prof. Abby Day, Goldsmith University London

Baring Bodies, Baring Souls ...

22 Nov

15:00–16:30, MS Teams

Harry Gibbins, University of Aberdeen

Bigger On The Inside Making the case for autistic-led Christian Ministry

29 Nov

14:00–15:30, Marshall Room

Reading discussion

6 Dec

15:00–16:30, MS Teams

Reflecting together on Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods

Biblical Studies

Time: Wednesdays/Thursdays, times various (see below), starting 21 Sept

Location: various (see below)

Chairs: Dr J Thomas Hewitt (jthomas.hewitt@abdn.ac.uk), Dr Katy Hockey

Our program features guest presentations on certain Wednesdays and reading discussions on certain Thursdays. All meetings will be hybrid. Meeting reminders will be emailed weekly to all Divinity PG students. Reading discussions will consider significant scholarship on ‘participation’. Readings will be available through this Leganto reading list, which will be published in due course.

Opening Lecture – Dr Mark Nanos - CANCELLED (to be rescheduled)


Day, Date

Time, Location


Wed, 20 Sept

15:00-16:30, Humanity Manse

Welcome Roundtable 

Thurs, 28 Sept

15:00–17:00, A03 Crombie Halls

Reading: Adolf Deissmann

Wed, 4 Oct

15:00–16:30, Humanity Manse

Prof. Dr Sara Kipfer (Dortmund)
‘Horror Overwhelms Me’ (Ps 55:5): General Introduction into Concepts of Fear and Anxiety in the Hebrew Bible

Thurs, 12 Oct

15:00–17:00, A03 Crombie Halls

Reading: Albert Schweitzer

Wed, 18 Oct

15:00–16:30, Humanity Manse

Dr Brandon M. Hurlbert (Durham)
The Soldier’s Prayer: Psalm 91 as Christian Scripture during the War on Terror

Thurs, 2 Nov

15:00–17:00, A03 Crombie Halls

Reading: E. P. Sanders

Wed, 8 Nov

15:00–16:30, Humanity Manse

Dr Annalisa Phillips Wilson (Cambridge)
‘Have and Have Not’: 1 Corinthians 7 and Marriage

Thurs, 16 Nov

15:00–17:00, A03 Crombie Halls

Reading: Michael Gorman

Thurs, 30 Nov

15:00–17:00, A03 Crombie Halls

Reading: Susan Eastman, Teresa Morgan

Systematic Theology

Time: Thursdays, 15:30–17:00, starting 21 Sept

Location: Humanity Manse Seminar Room (G01), MS Teams

Chairs: Dr Daniel Pedersen (daniel.pedersen@abdn.ac.uk), Dr Nicola Whyte

In our seminar this year we will be reading the entirety of Friedrich Schleiermacher’s dogmatics, The Christian Faith, widely regarded as one of the most important works of theology ever written. Whether one agrees or disagrees with Schleiermacher in whole or in part, it is essential reading for understanding theology thereafter and its constructive influence and promise lives on to this day. We will begin by reading roughly the first half of The Christian Faith this autumn, and then read the remainder in the spring.

Required TextFriedrich Schleiermacher, The Christian Faith (either translation); Optional Text: Friedrich Schleiermacher, Christmas Eve Celebration: A Dialogue (the translation by Terrance Tice is best). Texts available from Blackwell’s on the High Street (with a 15% discount) or from other quality booksellers.

Each week (after the meeting) two students will be asked to start the discussion by each summarizing half of the reading in a paragraph of 350 words or less, and afterwards highlighting one key passage, and asking one question. Other participants are asked to bring questions and highlight passages also. As usual, we will continue our discussion afterwards at the pub. The first half-session of the seminar will conclude with an optional in-person Christmas party at which we will discuss Schleiermacher’s Christmas Eve Dialogue. Please read that work when you can throughout the term in anticipation of the party.




21 Sept

Christian Faith (CF) §§ 1–7

28 Sept

CF §§ 8–14

5 Oct

CF §§ 15–31

12 Oct

CF §§ 32–45

19 Oct

CF §§ 46–49

26 Oct

Reading/Break week

2 Nov

CF §§ 50–56

9 Nov

CF §§ 57–61

16 Nov

CF §§ 62–72

23 Nov

No seminar this week

30 Nov

CF §§ 73–85

1 Dec

Christmas Eve Dialogue Party


Historical Theology

Time: Fridays, 14:00–16:00, starting 29 Sept

Location: KCT4, MS Teams

Chair: Rev. Prof. John Behr (john.behr@abdn.ac.uk)

The Historical Theology Seminar this year will be on Irenaeus of Lyons (and second-century context), focussing on a close reading of the whole of Against the Heresies and the Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching.

There will be a Teams page for this, where material will be posted. Please email John Behr (john.behr@abdn.ac.uk), copying Sophia Theodoratos (s.theodoratos.20@abdn.ac.uk), if you would like participate.

Religious Studies

Chair: Dr Samantha Newington (s.newington@abdn.ac.uk)

Research Series

Sam Newington (Aberdeen), Medea: ancient and modern receptions
Tuesday, 3 Oct, 17:30

Dr Alex Imrie (Edinburgh), Religion and the Severan Dynasty,
TBC, November, 17:30

Both events will take place via Teams, please do not hesitate to contact Sam Newington for further details.

Reading the Past Series

This semester Sam Newington shall be running a Reading the Past series, where we shall explore ancient Greek and Latin texts. For the Greek reading group, we will look at Homer's Iliad 22 and we will continue with the epic tradition for the Latin with Virgil's Aeneid. The reading groups are a blend of language, grammar and commentary, not to mention absolute fun and delight! If you would like to explore these texts – there is no prerequisite language requirement, please feel most welcome! Here are the details for each reading group:

Reading Latin (Virgil, Aeneid)
Fridays, 10:00–11:00, starting 29 Sept

Reading Homer (Iliad 22)
Fridays, 11:15–12:15, starting 29 Sept

Both events will take place via Teams, please do not hesitate to contact Sam Newington for further details.