The Centre’s Aim

The Centre for Ministry Studies at Aberdeen University (CMS) endeavours to be a centre of excellence that seeks to facilitate world class education and training for people involved in Christian ministry at home and internationally. Through developing and nurturing creative and innovative working relationships between the academy and the church, the Centre strives to produce scholarly work and practical training initiatives designed to enable people to think and to practice well.
'What the Centre provides is an answer to prayer for me and I want to spread the news about it wherever I can.' Rev Jim Pirie

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Aberdeen Academy of Theology

Hope and Forgiveness at Creed’s End and will be led by Professor Philip Ziegler.
Saturday 7th October – We acknowledge the forgiveness of sins
Saturday 4th November – We look for the resurrection of the dead
Saturday 2nd December – And the life of the world to come
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Retreat 2018  9th - 11th January

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Summer School 2018  20th - 24th August: details to follow