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Whether you have a personal, vocational or intellectual interest in a deeper knowledge of the Christian faith, its sources and its history, or are interested in exploring the historical, social and political development of the world's religions, Aberdeen is the place for you.  Divinity and Theology at Aberdeen received 100% satisfaction in the most recent National Student Survey (NSS).

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History at Aberdeen is the opportunity to immerse yourself the study of the medieval, early modern and modern periods in Scotland, Europe, America, Asia and Africa at a University steeped in 500 years of history and now ranked top in Scotland for the impact of its history research.

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Art History

We are a small and accessible department, with a strong interdisciplinary outlook. Aberdeen is an excellent choice for studying Art History in an academically rigorous way whilst also receiving practical training through site visits, fieldtrips and collaborations with major galleries and other venues both locally and nationally. Subsidised tours are led to Edinburgh, London and Paris.

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As a Philosophy student, you will have access to a wide variety of courses offered by committed and knowledgeable lecturers. Students can choose from a selection of courses including Moral Philosophy, Knowledge and Mind, and Reason and Argument, learning how philosophy is as much the study of what constitutes a ‘good’ or ‘valid’ argument as it is the application of thought to specific problems.

Degree Programmes

BTh Theology (Online)

The BTh Theology (Online) is a flexible programme that offers a range of course options and qualification outcomes.

It warmly welcomes applicants interested in Theology, including those who wish to undertake vocational studies relevant to church ministry and convocation.

Sustained Study

Sustained study courses are offered for students who wish to focus on an area of study not directly offered by their core discipline, but beneficial to their academic progress.  This  involves taking four courses, each during a separate half-session for the first two years of university, in a field of the student's choice.