The Scottish Biologics Facility (SBF) offers antibody and peptide library screening services to academia and industry, which is suitable for a wide range of targets including proteins, peptides and haptens.

Biologic ligands including classical monoclonal antibodies (and their fragments), peptides and alternative binding scaffolds are invaluable tools for biomarker validation, diagnostic assay development, in vivo imaging and drug discovery.

Within the SBF we have developed a strong expertise in generating antibody phage display libraries from humans and a range of immunised sources including shark, sheep, chicken, rabbit, dog and mice.

Using phage display technology, these large antibody or protein libraries can be selected and screened for target binding by displaying binding sites on the surface of bacteriophage. By employing bespoke selection strategies or Forced Epitope Selection (FESTM) lead monoclonal antibodies are selected for diagnostic, imaging, therapeutic and reagent-tools purposes.