The Researcher Development programme includes, academic, research, teaching and management training provision that has been mapped to the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.

Courses and Workshops
  • Basic Statistics
  • Using NVivo in Qualitative data Analysis - An Introduction
  • Further Analysis in NVivo
  • An Introduction to LaTex
  • Literature Searching- Part 1: Getting Started
  • Literature Searching- Part 2: Using Databases
  • Literature Searching- Part 3: Managing Your References Using RefWorks
  • Qualitative Research Group Meetings
  • Academic Writing
  • Critical Appraisal of the Literature 
  • Drafting, Editing and Proofreading
  • Constructing and Punctuating Sentences
  • Summarising and Paraphrasing
  • Spelling, Paragraph Structure and Developing an Argument
  • Qualitative Research Network
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The Conversation

An online source of news and views developed by an academic and research communities for a public audience. Develop your communication skills by writing about your research or a related topic. Contact to find out more. 

Au Magazine

A student led publication produced three times a year by the Universtiy's science journalism society. There are two ways in which you can take part: through writing an article or by being part of hte editorial team. Contact to find out more. 


A newly formed postgraduate Interdisciplinary journal; developed to give students direct experience of academic publishing, editing and peer review. Contact to find out more. 


Come along to one of our meetings, book through the course booking system.

Online Courses

Explore the Learners Toolkit - an award winning development resource that will help you develop digital skills.

Courses and Workshops
  • Advancing in Academia
  • Planning your Professional Development
  • Career Planning: CVs and Cover Letters
  • Career Planning: Interview Skills
  • Time and Project Management
  • Finish Up and Move On
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  • Careers Service
    Providing advice and guidance you need to support your career planning and progression. 
  • University of Aberdeen Funding database: 
    Search for research funding to help you build a track record for your cv. 
  • Vitae: 
    Vitae is dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through transforming their professional and career development. 
  • An Academic Career
    Do you have what it takes to be an academic? 
  • The Professor Is In: 
    No nonsese advice and guidance for preparing for an academic career. 
  • The Versatile PhD:
    An online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in humanities, social science and STEM.
    Job adverts and Careers advice.
  • PhDs at Work:
    A network for professionals with PhDs working across industries.Make new professional contacts. Gain insight on managing your career. Network with your fellow PhDs at Work.
  • Jobs on Toast:
    A blog for all the researchers who’ve ever asked themselves; What jobs can I do after my PhD? How can I market myself to employers outside of academia? What skills and experience are non-academic employers looking for? When should I quit applying for academic jobs and start looking elsewhere?
  • Beyond the PhD
    Advice and guidance for Arts and Humanities researchers. 
Online Courses

Professional Development Planning - This course has been developed by Vitae, register with your email addresss to explore all of the information on the Vitae website

Courses and Workshops
  • Attracting your own research funding 
  • Research Ethics and Governance - The online training can be accessed through MyAberdeen: (log in required)
  • Research Integrity
  • Research Integrity for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Research Integrity for Physical Sciences
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Research Governance and Ethics Training. The online training can be accessed through MyAberdeen: (log in required)

Research Integrity Training (coming soon)


These page provides key information relating to the research ethics and governance arrangements in place across the University.

If you are unsure about ethics requirements, please contact your school PGR Coordinator

Online Courses

Research Ethics and Governance- The online training can be accessed through MyAberdeen: (log in required)

Courses and Workshops
  • EXPLORATHON training session
  • Co-creating research and PPI
  • Incorporating Public Engagement in your Research
  • Public Engagement Evaluation
  • Science Communication/STEM Ambo
  • 3 Minute Thesis Competition and Training
  • Famelab Competition and Training
  • Communicating your research online: digital tools, strategy & impact
  • Professional networking for researchers: strategy & engaging
  • Leadership & teamwork for researchers 
  • Exceptional Presentation Skills
  • Presentation skills for non-native English speakers
  • Social Media
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Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy invites you to attend a series of exciting workshops around leadership led by inspirational employers and leadership experts. Read more

STAR Award 

The STAR (Students Taking Active Roles) Award is your opportunity to gain University recognition for your skills and attributes development in approved roles. Read more


A fast-paced science communication competition, where participants describe a science or technology concept in just three minutes to a live audience. Watch this space for dates!.

Three Minute Thesis

The Three Minute Thesis competition challenges you to present your research project to an audience in a clear and engaging way. The final of the Aberdeen Three Minute Thesis competition takes place during the University May Festival 2018.

May Festival

Join in the University's flagship annual festival celebrating the University, our community and our world-class
research. You can: create your own event; take to the stage in Aberdeen's research comedy night, Bright Club; do some research busking; or simply help out in making the festival happen.

British Science Week

Be part of a ten day UK-wide celebration of science, engineering, technology and maths. There are many ways to be involved: you can participate in Pecha Kucha, volunteer as part of ‘Discovery Day’ at Aberdeen Science Centre, or create your own event. British Science Week takes place between 09-18 March 2018.


Taking place in September, TechFest is Aberdeen and North East Scotland's annual festival of science, engineering, technology and maths. There are both public and schools programmes with a wide variety of ways in which you can be involved.

The Conversation

An online source of news and views developed by academic and research communities for a public audience. Develop your communication skills by writing about your research or a related topic.

Au Magazine

A student-led publication produced three times a year by the University's science journalism society. There are two ways in which you can take part: through writing an article, or by being part of the editorial team. Email to find out more.


Develop your academic writing skills by submitting an article to this newly formed postgraduate interdisciplinary journal. The journal has been developed to give students direct experience of academic publishing, editing and peer review. To submit an article, or to serve as a peer reviewer, email

I'm a Scientist Get ME Out of Here!: A free online event where school students meet and interact with scientists. It’s an X Factor-style competition between scientists, where the students are the judges.


Public Engagement with Research Unit: The Public Engagement with Research Unit are available to help you generate ideas, and provide advice for your public engagement activities. Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about engaging the public with your research;

National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement: Helping universities and the public engage with each other. Providing expert advice, training and tools, public engagement becomes acheivable, measurable and successful,

Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research: outlines the expectations and responsibilities of research funders with respect to public engagement, to help embed public engagement in universities and research institutes;

Manifesto for Public Engagement: The University of Aberdeen is a signatory of the manifesto for public engagement, statign a commitment to sharing knowledge and skills with the public and learning from the communitieis with which we engage; 

Understanding Animals in Research and the Concordat on Openness

BIG Stem Communicators Network: BIG is the skills sharing network for individuals involved in the communication of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects,

Science Action Network

Online Courses

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