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The Leadership Academy enables participants to develop their personal leadership skills and attributes. Participants attend a series of workshops around leadership, led by inspirational employers and leadership experts. Students with any leadership experience, or no leadership experience, are invited to apply.

Why take part?

Taking part in the Leadership Academy will allow you to:

  • Explore your own leadership style through identifying examples of leadership in practice
  • Summarise different leadership styles, and the impact on teams and individuals
  • Reflect on your own leadership style, considering which model(s) you prefer and why
  • Create an action plan for developing your personal leadership skills 

The Leadership Academy is focussed around three employability based Aberdeen Graduate Attributes:

  • An ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • A capacity for self-reflection, self-discovery and personal development
  • An appreciation of the concepts of enterprise and leadership in all aspects of life

Achievement of the Leadership Academy is recorded on the Enhanced Transcript.

What's involved?

You can complete the Leadership Academy either in the first or the second half session.

To successfully complete the Leadership Academy, you need to:

  • Attend three Leadership Academy Workshops.
  • Complete the Leadership Academy Assessment by the set deadline. This consists of a reflective written submission.


Applications are currently closed and will reopen in September 2020.

ILM Level 2 Award

Students who have successfully completed the Leadership Academy will have the opportunity to undertake the ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills, which is delivered online. This external qualification is ideal for practising team leaders, helping them become more effective and confident in their role. All ILM qualifications are awarded by The City and Guilds of London Institute, and are internationally recognised. Information on how to apply to participate in this qualification, and the associated costs, will be available to Leadership Academy students during each half session.

Further information

For further information about the Leadership Academy, have a look at our FAQs below. If you still have questions, please email leadership.academy@abdn.ac.uk.


If I apply, am I guaranteed a place on the Leadership Academy?

No. We assess all applications and reserve the right to select applicants based on the quality of their submission, so make sure you complete the assessed part of the application to a good standard.

Can I take part if I am based at the Qatar campus?

Yes, from January 2020 we will be running the programme for undergraduate students based at our Qatar campus. Please make sure you apply using the application for Qatar campus based students and not the application for Aberdeen campus based students.

Can I take part in the STAR Award and the Leadership Academy in the same half session?

As both programmes require you to attend three workshops and complete final asessments at a similar time, we recommend that you participate in one of these programmes at a time. As both run in both half sessions, you could still complete the Leadership Academy and achieve a STAR Award in one academic year, provided you carry out a role recognised by the STAR Award.

Do I need to have achieved the STAR Award before applying to the Leadership Academy?

No. The Leadership Academy is available to any student who wishes to explore and develop their leadership skills further. 

Can I achieve a Leadership Academy Award for my past voluntary experiences, where I’ve had a leadership role?

No. We are unable to accredit past voluntary experiences. Please visit the AUSA Saltire Awards website for more information about how you might be able to achieve certification for any past volunteering roles.

Can I take part in the Leadership Academy more than once?

No. You can only participate in the Leadership Academy once during your studies at the University of Aberdeen.

Can I attend more than three workshops?

No. Workshop places are limited and we are not able to offer more than three spaces to any one participant.

I signed up for a workshop and can’t now attend. What should I do?

You should cancel your place as soon as possible and certainly no later than 9.00 am on the day of the workshop. Many of our workshops have waiting lists. If you do not cancel, you prevent another student from attending.

By when do I need to complete my Leadership Academy Assessment?

The deadline for submitting your Leadership Academy Assessment in the first half session is Wednesday, 11 December 2019. The second half session assessment deadline will be advised in January 2020.

I am interested in finding out more about the ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills.

The ILM Level 2 Award is available to successful participants of the Leadership Academy and further information will be provided during each half session to participants in the programme.

If I don’t participate in the ILM Award, will the Leadership Academy still be included on my Enhanced Transcript?

Yes. All candidates who have successfully completed the assessment criteria for the Leadership Academy will have this recorded on their Enhanced Transcript at the end of the academic year. The ILM Award is conferred separately from the Enhanced Transcript.

What happens if I am unsuccessful in my Leadership Academy Assessment?

You will be given one opportunity to revise your assessment and resubmit by a specified deadline.

I applied unsuccessfully to the Leadership Academy in previous years. Can I apply again?

Yes. You are welcome to apply again.